Saturday, April 14, 2012

Penang - A Nature walk...........

There's a Snake Temple in can visit and walk about among hundreds of venomous snakes, yikes!  Fortunately our bus didn't stop there. The temple inhabitants are pit vipers and their satisfying diet of eggs, provided by local worshippers of the Taoist god, Char Soo King, has apparently prevented any brave tourist from being bitten, to date!

We opted instead to visit the less dangerous Butterfly Farm.  A huge caged area whose inhabitants seem more inclined to settle on your head than eat you! Touted as the largest farm of this type in the world, it was full of 100 species of the free flying butterflies, unusual fish in the ponds, amazing plants, and indoor exhibits of safely caged snakes, lizards, scorpions etc.

I've no idea of the names of these butterflies, and their short 3 week lifespan seems somewhat sad, but their beauty, though fleeting, is so special.........enjoy.

Above you can see an older butterfly, its wings becoming ragged as it ages.

Among the array of unusual plants, the carnivorous pitcher plants were amazing, clinging to trees and collecting insects.

The beauty of Nature...................sometimes complicated, always astounding.


  1. You have some stunning pictures of these beautiful butterflies! Definitely a better time then seeing snakes!


  2. Another wonderful post Mary. You must have some wonderful memories of your travels.
    I have visited a butterfly farm too with some marvelous specimens, but the Isle of Anglesey hardly compares with Penang!
    Hope you have a wonderful Sunday :o)
    Rose H

  3. Just beautiful! I agree much better than visiting the snakes.

  4. These beautiful butterflies look so glorious on their tropical flowers! Such a lovely place to get to see! I really love that first butterfly with its green, on on that green background--wow! The pitcher plants are really interesting too!

  5. Stunning photos Mary which would make fabulous wallpaper or material designs.
    Favourites - umm - 3, 7 and 9 but all fabulous.

  6. I love butterflies and it's always a treat to see them when travelling so thank you for sharing.

    Infact share any wildlife, I love it!

    Sft x

  7. Spectacular butterflies, especialy the third picture. Like the most delicate stained glass.

  8. Hello dear Mary
    I have just spent a delightful time catching up on all your travels. What an amazing time you and Bob have been having. Your beautiful photos made me feel like I was there. It's wonderful that you get to go to all those exotic places! Thanks for taking us along.Hugs, Rhondi

  9. Mary, these photos are so crisp and clear that i feel as if I could reach out and touch one of these incredible butterflies. Your photography is amazing! ~ Sarah

  10. I would have loved this! Stunning photos, Mary.

    Wasn't the weekend gorgeous?!


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