Thursday, April 19, 2012

Greening up the front porch......................

This week I've been getting dirty again..........digging and planting, trimming and deadheading, raking and watering. Gardening can be divided into two distinct parts........the dirty, backbreaking, "wish I was doing something else" part, followed by the fun, pretty, creative "let's go shopping for plants and garden stuff" - in all honesty perhaps my favorite part!

Once cleaned up, with washed hair and lipstick ..............I headed first to a big box store (Lowe's) for the Boston ferns - because they had the best prices and freshest looking plants. These beauties were just $7.50 each are are annual additions to the font porch.  Porch + ferns = Summertime outdoor living. I feed my ferns weekly and mist them almost daily, this keeps them healthy and fresh looking until the summer temps. hit the high 90's, then it's a struggle to keep anything lush and green.  

As the finches have already built a nest in the jasmine climbing and twining around the porch post, laid three pretty blue eggs a week ago, and are now awaiting their new family, I'm hoping their relatives don't decide to move into the ferns.......which usually happens. I will chase them away if this occurs because they are very messy little birds and will destroy the hanging baskets.

While looking around Lowe's garden center I spied new cushions for the wicker chairs.....they really needed a spruce up. This style is a seat and back cushion all in one, reasonably priced at $24 ea. Love the paisley design and they reverse to stripes, the colors match everything, house paint, shutters......

........and porch knickknacks - yes I have a lot of those!

So, we're beginning to look clean and tidy on the home front again after traveling so far away. We've already been enjoying supper in the gazebo on these perfect nights - a big clean up job was needed there with a power washer and lots of scrubbing - and now we can sit on the front porch with a glass of wine as the pollen has gone and the chairs are cushy and clean!

Next I'll show you my interesting planting project from yesterday................involving soil, seeds, and a lot of fishing line! 


  1. I would love to sit on your porch with you and have a glass of wine. It looks so relaxing there.

  2. Your porch look lovely with the fresh green ferns. I love that lantern next to the jasmine as well. No danger of eating supper or anything else outdoors here at the moment - it's both cold and wet and summer seems a long way off!

  3. The ferns look lovely and add a lush look to your porch.
    It all looks very welcoming with your lanterns and new cushions.

  4. your new cushions and porch is so new and fresh looking

    I really like your sleeping cupid

  5. I hear you, Mary...about the clean up part. And of course the mess I make when I am planting pots. We have another few weeks for that here. Your ferns are pretty! I have a few at the lake that I winter over in front of a big sunny window {thankfully I have a neighbor that comes in to water them}.

    Your new cushions are beautiful. What a great price, especially since they are the seat and back as well. I have to have a go at mine with some Oxy Clean this year...they are beige and show everything!

    How nice that you are already having outdoor meals. Can't wait!!


  6. I could use a fern or two, but just love that sleeping angel. How I would love to be sitting in the gazebo or on the porch about now. We usually can't do that here until July, except for an occasional day that surprises us.

  7. Well dear Mar and her hair! Sometimes love, bald is beautiful!!!

  8. Mary, your porch certainly looks inviting. I just pop by for a glass of wine. ;-)
    I've been busy in the garden too, and we've definitely been enjoying evenings on the terrace and dining alfresco. It's been a wonderful spring here. One of the best in a long time. Enjoy your home!

  9. I'd love to sit on your porch. It's still too cold here to think of outdoor relaxation, but soon.... I love the Boston ferns.

  10. Mary, this just might inspire me to get out there and tidy up our veranda, which is in great need of a spruce up! The rain (and it is pounding down right now) discourages me from starting any new projects, but the sun will shine one day and I'll want to be on the veranda. I love the thought of a Boston Fern, so will look for one for the shadier of the three sides - thanks!

  11. Love your Boston of my favorites! Oh, how I'd love to sit on your front porch with you! Love the cupid!


  12. Oh my! So much green. So beautiful! I love you porch. We have white skies today and a haze of dust. Ugh! I have two balconies but my poor plants are constantly covered in a layer of dust . It is hard to keep anything clean around here. Have a great weekend. Tammy

  13. I always think a porch is the perfect outdoor s[ace, you can sit and enjoy the garden without the sun or rain beating down on you and watch the world go by.
    Love the fabric on your new cushions and the ferns, can you really leave all those lovely knicknacks outdoors, I'd be afraid someone might wander off with them!!

  14. I LOVE the porch and what you've done to it Mary, what a great place to sit, chat and relax :o)
    Rose H

  15. Everything looks so fresh - just like spring. Love the paisley cushions.♥

    We've been enjoying the outside, too. This weekend I hope to make a project of lounging. I plan to move from the front porch, to the terrace, to the sunroom and then the deck. Next, I'll repeat the process. I will squeeze in bits of productivity between movements.


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