Saturday, April 21, 2012

Looking through the window..............

......beautiful 'Scentropia Dark Blue' Heliotrope, 
my favorite for fragrance and
  • 'Madness' White Petunia
  • Purple Wave Spreading Petunia
  • Yellow 'Nugget' Lantana
  • 'Angelface' Summer Snapdragon
  • Ornamental mini ivy 'Little Herman'
  • English Ivy 
  • Sweet Potato Vine 'Marquerite'

I planted the kitchen window box.....when I'm at the sink I like to see flowers.  Often hummingbirds come to visit, and some years the Carolina Wrens have built nests here and raised their young. 
Looks a bit sparse right now, but if all works well and Nature is kind, I'll have a lovely display in a month or so when the plants grow, fill in, and start trailing!

No sooner had I hung the box when a butterfly 
appeared checking out the heliotrope 
and petunia flowers....lovely.

I feel the need to make a comment here on the price of garden plants this Spring. I'm finding very high prices on both perennials and annuals in this area. If you've starting buying plants do you feel prices have risen quite a lot since last year?


  1. I'm still waiting for the warmer weather so I haven't checked out any plants as of yet. I do know my flowers are much less expensive in Michigan than Chicago...maybe since we are in the country there?? Not sure. But you can guess where I buy a majority of my plants!

    Your flower box looks sure to show us a picture when it is filled out. I'd love to have one at my kitchen window but it is so high up, watering would be difficult, if impossible. LOVE that little butterfly. Does heliotrope go by another sounds so familiar.

    Did you know we will be in Asheville next month? It is a distance from Raleigh but wouldn't it be lovely to meet perhaps halfway? Let me have your thoughts. Meeting up with Penny and Penny for some shopping and lunch!

    Happy Saturday, Mary!


  2. I haven't bought anything yet this year - just pansies and primulas in the winter.
    I love, love, love heliotrope and can't wait to plant some near my chair on the patio.

  3. Mary, I've never had a window box, but have always admired them. This one is lovely and by the time things mature this box will be spilling over with lush blooms. I've bought some plants this spring and off to the garden center tomorrow to get more. I've not noticed that things are priced differently this year, but I often shop Lowe's and Home Depot for plants. I frequently find plants on the reduced section that are perfectly fine, they just need to get them sold because of new shipments arriving. Love your choices. I grow many of the same.
    Thinking of you enjoying being in your garden after your fabulous trip. ;-)
    ~ Sarah

  4. You must have a better climate than here - too early yet for putting things like petunias and snapdragons out. My dad never did his summer bedding until late May.

  5. Lucky you with your flowers all planted! My dil and I drove around for an hour yesterday trying to find the new-to-me Amish greenhouse in our area. We never did find it, but I'll try again this week! I am making a mental note to see if the hummingbirds show up in our area on May 2-someone told me that is when they always appear here. Isn't that the neatest thing?

  6. Your window box is lovely Mary. I only purchased herbs and lettuce starts, and I went to a high end nursery to get them. The herbs were 3.99 each and the lettuce 2.99 each..

  7. Well dear Mar, my plants in the pond out front were eaten by a lovely young deer this morning. She just stood in the pond and munched away so i'm not sure about the price of plants but am sure mine need replacing. sent from the office on Sunday!!

  8. You are so right, Mary. Before long your window box will be spilling over and gorgeous. I've got my window box and my deck rail planters filled, too. I can hardly wait for them to become pretty and lush. It seems they will be getting a bit of a chill for a few nights.

  9. We haven't shopped much for plants yet. Yesterday I did buy seeds for moon flowers and blue morning glories. You inspired me here and they will be planted today by our front porch.


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