Monday, April 30, 2012

Bluebird of happiness...............

High up on the roof................

........and when she sees me leave, she swoops down 
toward the tatty old birdhouse in the front 
garden where her waiting family are tucked away 
out of sight. 

The babies have hatched as I hear 
a tiny cheep, cheep now and then. The parents are busy 
flying back and forth with assorted bugs and worms.......but what's 
frustrating is that I can't see inside 
to determine how many in the new family. 

Over the years several species of garden birds have 
raised young here..........but this is the first 
time a pair of beautiful Eastern Bluebirds chose 
to build a nest and raise a family. 

Above, the brilliant cobalt blue feathers of the male.
Any spring babies in your garden yet?


  1. Your bluebird is a stunner Mary! Have you thought about getting a nesting box camera? I'm looking around for a reasonably priced one for the hoggies in the garden.
    We have robins nesting in ivy growing up the house wall in the back garden, though I do fear for them as they've chosen a spot that could just possibly be reached from the dining room windowsill by a certain elderly, but determined black and white cat...I do so hope not.
    Thank you for your sweet visit and lovely comments, fingers crossed for you.
    Rose H

  2. We have a bluebird nesting box that has a drop down wood side the reveals a plexiglass side you you can see in....but we have not put up a house here where we are renting. There is an old one hear that we have seen a male bluebird land on and check out, but he can't seem to entice a female to come join him...

    Your blue bird pics a wonderful.

  3. My favorite bird! Lovely pics, Mary.

  4. Mary, I just love bluebirds!! Thanks for sharing yours with us!! Can't wait until you take some photos of those little babies-they are always so cute!

  5. What fun anticipation for those babies to see!! Love that round birdhouse, I'd choose it too if I was flying by! No babies here yet, the barn swallows just arrived (yuck)!!

  6. Love your beautiful bluebirds, Mary a new species to me.
    Our house marins returned to our garage roof, from Africa, whilst we were in Italy.
    It's always a joy for me to have them back "home".
    BTW your photos, graphics & journalling on this post are amazing.

  7. We have spring babies in several of our birdhouses, and we see the parents fly in and out. But, we can't see inside either. I would love to get a peek at the babes.

  8. What a pretty bird and how fantastic to have it raising a family in your garden. Great photos:)

  9. Ruth May 6, 2012 5:05 PM Lovely music, wonderful pictures. I started painting birds two years ago. The Bluebird is my favorite. Next will be Cobalt Bluebird or BlueJay. Do you like Tarkay's paintings?

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