Monday, April 9, 2012

Sailing the shipping lanes aboard Queen Elizabeth......

We're back from a fabulous adventure on the other side of the world........and I have a lot to share over the coming days. The real nitty gritty of life at sea and visiting countries so very different from our homelands.

Before taking you into the exciting countries of Southeast Asia via Cunard's Queen Elizabeth.........thought I'd share a bit about the ship, our fabulous group of friends on this voyage, and some candid shots including yours truly with bedhead and jammies, thanks to my DH! This will be an honest post, and not all about eating (which we did often) and dressing in fancy clothes to do it. 

We were nine, named by some as 'the naughty nine'....... .......Paula, Mark, Walt, Rob & Kim, all from California, Eric & Babs from Blackpool, England, Bob & yours truly from North Carolina.

First night, our lovely Paula, in 'tour guide' mode, handing out our shore excursion tickets...............

....and we all listened seriously, as we learned about the exciting days ahead.

The beautiful Grand Lobby and staircase with David Linley's 18 foot tall marquetry panel of the Queen Elizabeth.

Bob's time on the balcony was a favorite part of shipboard life.  
When there was a chance during days at sea he was out there.........and most nights, after dining and dancing, he loved just catching the breeze at the rail while watching for the pirates......more on that slightly scary subject later!

Told you so, didn't expect to be caught on the balcony like this! I did love getting up early though and watching many sunrises over distant seas.

The newest 'Queen' sailing the seas for Cunard. It wasn't until we reached this unplanned stop at Langkawi where we were tendered ashore rather than docked, that I was able to get a full photo of the ship at long last.

Hope you'll come back for photos of the lovely people, and stories of the spectacular places along the way. 


  1. What a gorgeous ship, how lucky are you to have had such a fabulous trip.

    Love the jammies by the way.....PIRATES!! What pirates??????

  2. Oh yes - I'll be checking back. During this time of 'no travel' The Great Dane and I are avid armchair travelers. Long trips aren't yet in the books for TGD, but we're planning - and in the meantime enjoy your first-hand stories and photos!

  3. Mary, welcome home! I'll be eager to read about all the details and see your amazing photos. I know this was a fabulous trip and experience for you and your friends.
    Our news is we have a dog again after 20+ years. Sweet Sadie Mercedes came to live with us a month ago. She is a Lhasa about 3 years old, a rescue. Sadie has settled in and the three of us are a happy family. ;-) What a sweetheart. We are totally smitten!
    ~ Sarah

  4. You have changed your home page pictures once more!! So glad you all had a fabulous trip - glad you're back to the cottage for a while!

  5. What a beautiful room you had! That ship looks amazing. I am looking forward to more...

  6. So glad you are both home safe & sound and looking forward to more from your journal.
    Looks very exotic but I don't envy all that air travel. Bet you were tired when you got home.
    What's next??? your trip home here to little old Devon?
    Lots of love to you both

  7. It all looks wonderful Mary. I love that shot of you looking out to the sunrise on the sea. I will look forward to your posts of the adventures on the QE. Pamela

  8. Welcome home, Mary. It sounds like you have wonderful tales of your journey. I look forward to reading them. Your jammies are pretty enough for a photo!

  9. Can't wait to se & hear more about this wonderful trip.
    Champagne & chocolates and a beautiful stateroom, how spoiled you were!
    Couldn't happen to a nicer lass.

  10. What a huge ship! and so beautiful! Love the early mornings on a cruise. Now that wasn't such a bad picture of you. Look forward to reading more about this special adventure.

  11. Such a gorgeous ship! So luxurious! I know you had ana amzing time with your friends!

  12. Welcome home Mary. Looking forward to seeing more of this fabulous adventure. I am sure you will have enjoyed every moment, the ship looks amazing. We had a holiday at Langkawi ten years ago, stayed not far from where the ship docked.
    And then after all your travels, nice to come home . X

  13. Hi Mary!

    I actually enjoy all the background of a trip and this tour and introduction to your friends is great.

    Thanks for sharing. Looking forward to more to come.

    We love balconies when away. And always pay the extra as it is well worth it.

    Sft x

  14. It looks a beautiful ship and very nice accommodation - the champagne and chocolatwes look pretty good too:)


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