Monday, April 16, 2012

Penang.......golden temples

Never can visit enough peaceful Buddhist temples............this one is Penang's Thai Temple which houses the fourth longest reclining Buddha in the world....

...........and while not quite as ornate as the ones I visited in Thailand last Fall, it was certainly beautiful. Adjoining was the Shrine Hall of International Standing Buddhas....

The reclining Buddha is 108 feet in length..............

 .........even Bob didn't measure up to this immense statue.......

......however he was still 'blessed' by one of the Standing Buddhas of which there were many.

 Reminder for future travels.............don't wear stripes when being photographed with elegantly robed, cool looking Buddhas.  Also, stop moaning about the heat and damp hair, they are givens when traveling in southeast Asia!

Meanwhile, on to the least they were chilly to bare feet and made me want to join the Reclining Buddha in horizontal repose..........oh my, so hot there.  Cool lotus blossom tiles, how exquisite.

 A smaller sleeping reclining Buddha...............

 ..........and many more colorful figures sitting in front of beautiful windows, again with the lotus blossom motif.......

.............and always fun to see, a Happy or Laughing Buddha, click here to read the story of this Buddha whose tummy is always rubbed for good luck.


  1. How beautiful all those colors and the golden patina..... always a pleasure reading your posts, they make me dream about exciting places I want to discover. Thanks as always for sharing.

  2. What a serene post for Monday morning. Like Penny, the colorful floor stole my heart. Gorgeous! Cute photos of you and Bob making memories together. ~ Sarah

  3. Gorgeous photos, Mary. I really love the floor with the beautiful flower design!


  4. Lovely pictures. And Bob looks quite Zen himself.

  5. It looks a fascinating place, I've never been in a Buddhist temple but I can imagine that they are very tranquil places. Like the other commenters I love the floor. I have to say too that it's the heat and humidity of the Far East that puts me off visiting, my DH's description of a business trip to Hong Kong and Malaysia was more than enough for me:)

  6. Such interesting photos. Those lotus flower tiles are beautiful.

    Even with damp hair and striped t-shirt you still look the picture of elegance Mary. As always.

    Sft x

  7. The Buddhas remind me of our travels in Thailand. They were fun to see for awhile, but after seeing so many I was ready to look at other things. Lovely, lovely photos.

  8. Breath-taking! All that gold and the lovely colors! I adore the floor! Lovely!


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