Friday, April 20, 2012

Plant and climb................

Hey, it's time to plant climbing, vining beauties here in the South!

You may recall how each Summer I love to have a 'curtain' of fragrant, leafy Moonflowers providing the west facing end of the porch with some shade from the hot afternoon sun. Later the most delicious perfume wafts over the porch when the blooms open showing their nighttime beauty. As there's no soil to plant in at the side of the porch, it's our driveway, I use a large pot which does just fine.

 On Wednesday I grabbed my trusty spool of nylon fishing line - such useful stuff even for we non-fishing folk - climbed the ladder and made my 'trellis' to encourage and support the climbing vines.
Note, I've still not repainted the potting table.......I just love the way it looks with the crackled paint, such amazing colors. Perhaps next year I'll need to work on this project as the paint is peeling fast now!

The day prior to planting, soaking the seeds in warm water helps soften them. I like this gentle start rather than nicking them with sharp objects.  

Good quality potting soil tops off and refreshes the older soil from last year.

I placed about twenty Moonflower seeds in this pot..............then added a few Heavenly Blue Morning Glory seeds (also soaked overnight) which add some morning color when the Moonflowers close at daybreak.

Finally I covered the seeds with 1/2 inch of potting soil, smoothed and watered gently, and covered with bird netting to protect them from hungry birds or voracious squirrels!  Once the seedlings pop up I remove the netting and the vines are on their merry way, climbing and twirling with a little help from me!

This image is from last Summer......beautiful flowers with pretty heart shaped leaves.......easy to grow, inexpensive, and so fragrant. Plant a few in your garden, you'll love them!


  1. I'm a Moonflower lover also! If the fragrance from the blooms could be bottled we'd all be

    Enjoyed my visit.
    Betty @ Country Charm

  2. Mary; come and do mine, all that gardening stuff looks tedious to me. As much as i stress out at work at least i'm sitting comfortably in my chair and not getting dirty. I know the end result is worth it, but i'll stick with my gardener!

  3. Thanks for the reminder. I remember the moonflowers you had last year. Now I must tell my gardener what I want.

  4. Beautiful flower, thanks for sharing.

  5. Beautiful! I've got mine in the ground (second time to plant on the west side of the house). The moonflowers on the east side have at least a two week head start. Welcome home, world traveler.

  6. When I get my next house, I am going to plant moonflowers for sure!

  7. Mary, thank you for explaining how you plant these. I love the moonflower, but have never attempted to grow some. I'm off to find some seed this weekend.

  8. What a lovely idea - shade and perfume all from one pot and two packets of seeds.

  9. I have just had a lovely time reading all your posts. It does look hot and humid. I loved your photographs Mary, you have a way of capturing a place with a mix of ordinary life and the beautiful extraordinary colourful buildings and crafts.
    I loved the butterfly house. Enjoy your weekend and relax after all your gardening, you can look forward to a colourful summer. Eileenx

  10. Yo también estoy arreglando mi jardín.
    Un abrazo muy cariñoso.


  11. I would love to have some of these growing over our gate, which is in full sun. Thanks for the little lesson in how you do it - look for pictures of my vine in a few months!

  12. Thanks as always Mary. Just love reading about all your travels and wonderful fun things you do.
    Julia D.

  13. Id love to see a bigger picture of the two growing together. I'm now working on the same idea for my porch.


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