Thursday, September 6, 2012

Heading 'down under'.................

This was yesterday in the Bay area, an overcast day with late gentle afternoon showers, a couple of flashes of evening lighting, and one clap of thunder. Very different from North Carolina storms with lashings of rain, massive, booming light shows across the sky, and sometimes frightening winds of hurricane strength.....and worst of all hurricanes themselves! 
I don't think I've ever been here in San Francisco in the rain - it had been 93 days since rain had fallen here! Looking out across the water from Paula's sunroom, a line of sailboats scurried homeward, white sails puffy in the breeze, as huge raindrops fell past the windows.

Today is beautiful and I sat outside for a little while. The sun is hot, just a few wispy clouds off in the distance toward the Sierra Nevada Mountains.
Today, Paula and I are finishing up our packing - bags are everywhere - and tonight we head to the airport and will be on our way to beautiful Australia.

Neat bag seen recently at SuzAnna's Antiques!


  1. Oh, what a pretty view from Paula's sunroom. ;-)
    Safe travels, dear one..........Sarah

  2. Happy travels. Love the view too from Paula's sunroom and the bag is soooo very cute.

  3. Hello Mary:
    What a spectacular view from Paula's flat. Is that the sea in the distance? Wonderful.

    1. Hi dear friends - Paula's house is four levels on a hillside - not apartments! Many homes are built like this in Calif. where land is at a premium. The water is San Francisco Bay.
      Mary - in Los Angeles International Airport, 11:00 PM Thurs., awaiting the flight to Sydney!

  4. It's great that some of the trip is broken up along the way. Now you are winging your way to the other side of the world. Have a fabulous trip. Tammy

  5. Safe travels Mary. Looking forward to hearing about your adventures

  6. Bob - e-mail won't connect here in Sydney - just to say I'm safe after a lovely smooth flight - I slept 8 hours!!
    More later - Mary


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