Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Heading west...........

Today I fly away.  

Three and a half hours to Dallas, another three and a half hours from there to San Francisco. After the always fun stay at Paula's house for two nights, we'll have a brief flight to Los Angeles to board our plane for Sydney Thursday evening.......a very long fifteen plus hours when we plan to pull on those welcome Quantas PJ's they hand out, lie flat, and sleep our way to the other side of the world! That's not the final destination though, on to another flight of five plus hours to reach the town of Broome on the west coast of Australia.  

By then the beach is going to look mighty tempting...........and I think we're going to be doing something quite different during our brief respite there before boarding ORION. 

NO, I'm not taking up surfing.......too many sharks, and I won't be basking on the sand in the expected 90+ degrees! 

MANY THANKS for all your good wishes for this trip. Hope to be here again soon - I'll post when I can.


  1. Oooh I'm all excited for you Mary!
    I know all about those long flights, living down-under definitely has it's drawbacks and distance from everywhere is one of them!!
    I'm sure you'll have a few hours sleep and watch a movie or two and you'll be there!

    Bon Voyage to you and Paula
    have fun

  2. Have a fabulous time, I look forward to reading and looking at the piccy's when you get back.

  3. Give me a break here....once I finally got time to cath up with you, you're already gone.....and I know I will have to find the time to go through tons of amazing photos you're going to post......

  4. Wow, thats some travelling Mary. You are going to have an incredible time. I'm welly jelly!

  5. Have a wonderfull time and bring back some of those gorgeous pictures you take.

  6. Au revoir, mon amie. Safe travels to you and Paula.............Sarah

  7. Yes, best wishes on your trip. Come to CO some time! :)

  8. I hope you are doing the sunset ride in Broome. At certain times the moon reflects in the water and it looks like a staircase to the moon. Groups of people go on a camel ride along the beach at sunset to observe this lovely sight. I think there are fossil footprints in the rock that are visible at low tide as well.
    Broome is an interesting place and was bombed by the Japanese during World War II as people fled from Indonesia. Many Japanese people used to live in Broome and work in the pearling industry. The architecture is charming. Try to catch the films Bran Nue Dae and Red Dog to get a feel for things.
    Enjoy yourself and we all look forward to the photos.

  9. As always I love hearing and seeing pictures of your travels. Happy travels!

  10. Hello Mary, I have been way to busy to to do much visiting this summer. Things have finally quieted down enough for me to catch up with many of my dear friends. Surprise, you are off to have another adventure. Have a wonderful trip Mary and come home safe and sound.
    I have missed you.
    xo, Jeanne


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