Saturday, September 8, 2012

A Favorite Thing............

The week before I left on this trip 'down under', we were very busy having work done around the house. Our aging washing machine required a replacement valve to correct leaking, the even older telephone land line underground need examination and was found to need replacing to rectify the awful buzz during conversations....always something to fix around the home, right?

..........and one of my most favorite things ever, my gazebo, fast aging to a silvery grey, was treated to a power shower and a new stain of bright cedar. The week prior, the Ipe wood deck was power washed and sealed as it was really looking sad and dingy.

This is how it all looked when I left for Australia............
bright and clean, ready for outdoor dining this Autumn. We also decided to replace the outdoor furniture, the old set was so heavy to move, with chairs requiring cushions which were a pain to store in bad weather. 
My favorite thing in my garden - my screened Victorian gazebo.

Be sure to visit our hostess Claudia for our FAVORITE THING on Saturday over at her delightful Mockingbird Hill Cottage.

Apologies regarding not being able to visit with you or commenting......while on the ship in Australia the Internet service is slow and very expensive! I may not be able to say hello today but will catch up when home again.
(I scheduled this post before leaving so I could join the party!) 


  1. Thanks so much for joining in on the party when you were dealing with so many travel details!

    You know how much I love your gazebo. It's one of MY favorite things, as well, and I haven't even seen it in person! It's a perfect, quiet, lovely place to be.


  2. I love your gazebo Mary. It looks wonderful restained. We have the same outdoor table!

  3. It's easy to see why your gazebo is one of your favorite things ... it's beautiful! How nice that things are all clean and fresh. It will be so nice when you return home and can relax out there. By then the weather should be great for outdoor dining.
    Hope you're enjoying your trip.

  4. This could easily become may favorite thing it.

  5. Hi Mary ~ visiting from A Favorite Thing. The gazebo and deck are delightful and I can imagine you'll find extra enjoyment from them this fall season. It's a beautiful setting and would be one of my favorite things too.

  6. Your garden and gazebo are so lovely. No doubt you are having a grand ol' time on your trip. Best wishes, Tammy

  7. I always enjoy a visit to your gazebo. So beautiful with the new finish and nice new furniture too. Love the way your wood is stacked and ready for winter too.

  8. What a lovely place. I love your gazebo. Do you know where the word comes from?

  9. Love your Gazebo! Enjoy your trip and visit when you return! Hugs, Linda

  10. Have a lovely trip. Glad you scheduled your post.

  11. Your backyard looks wonderful ans inviting, Mary! I love your gazebo, too. Our neighbors have one and I'm envious!!

    I knw you are sailing on the high seas right now and enjoying yourself immensely...I smile just thinking about it!


  12. Oh, my goodness what a beautiful structure. I would have to tear myself away from sitting in it if it was in my yard.

  13. Hope you're having a wonderful time in Australia! Thank you so much for telling me a little about Torquay, so very sweet of you.

    Love your gazebo, what fun that must be! Everything looks so very lovely, I'm sure pass a lot of pleasurable hours in your back yard.

  14. I just love looking at your pictures of Africa and reading your commentaries. I first saw the Wild Dogs at the Bronx Zoo several years ago and thought their coats were so beautiful – how exciting to see them in the wild, and the leopards as well. I have a large lithograph of zebras by my bed so I see them every night, but seeing them live is an experience too (I saw many in West Palm Beach.) What an outstanding photo safari! The images will stay with you forever. You made some fig jam too – I made too many jars of fig jam this year.
    You are going on another trip! I know you will bring back many photos – have a great trip!

  15. Dear Mary

    All spic and span ready for your return, when you can look forward to spending leisurely times with your darling!

    We're in maintenance mode here too in preparation for the warmer days of Spring and more time spent outside!

    Thinking of you having fun in the sun!
    Shane xox

  16. Everything looks so fresh & new, your gazebo would be my favourite place to sit with a cocktail, too!
    Hope the trip is going splendidly, look forward to hearing all about it soon.

  17. What a beautiful haven you have there, Mary. I love pergolas and gazebos... being outside but sheltered in the garden is such a lovely feeling. Especially in a soft rain. I hope you're having a lovely time and will enjoy your gazebo when you return home. Safe travels!


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