Saturday, September 15, 2012

A FAVORITE THING..............

My FAVORITE THING for this Saturday is the lovely plant I added to the urn. I hesitated buying it because I would be leaving home for Australia and be unable to care for it for a few weeks. Now I'm here, thousands of miles away, and worrying about whether it's getting watered properly.............Bob this is a hint!

This plant came nameless! Just a generic tag with the usual care instructions. I love the tiny succulent type leaves and the way they drape. I usually steer clear of house plants because I don't have much direct bright light, but I just wanted something green and fresh looking on that French table.

I may not be able to link to Claudia's blog, Mockingbird Hill Cottage, today as Internet is sporadic. I will post this anyway...............and hope you stop by Claudia's.
Happy Saturday.


  1. Mary, you always know what to add for the perfect touch. The vignette is beautiful, and that sunset is incredible. Wow!
    Thinking of you...........Sarah

  2. I would love that plant Mary. I have very little light like you. Hope you are having a great time and I have a feeling Bob is watering that plant as I write. LOL.

  3. Hope he gets the hint! I've been thinking about you, wondering how the journey is progressing! Have fun, be safe.

  4. I think your plant will do well by this window. And hopefully Bob will water it...maybe talk to it?!


  5. What a pretty plant it is, Mary, and it looks beautiful in that urn. Hopefully, Bob is watering and it is thriving!

    Thanks so much for taking part today - when you are half-way around the world!


  6. What a lovely urn. I'm sure the plant is being well treated!

  7. Nice plant and I hope it survives your travels.

  8. It's very pretty, I kill all house plants.

    Sft x

  9. I hope Bob gets the hint because losing that plant would be a great loss. It is beautiful in that urn. I'm sure you are having a blast on your trip.


    P.S. I am having a FREE TEA GIVEAWAY, just because. Drop by if you would like. :)

  10. That plant looks lovely in the urn, Mary! I'm not much of a houseplant person, either, although I do bring some things in to winter over now and then and I agree that the sight of something green and growing adds something to a vignettes. I hope you're enjoying your trip and will have safe travels. (And that your lovely plant gets watered!)


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