Tuesday, September 18, 2012

He can grin..........

........this is a freshwater crocodile, probably about 8 feet in length, sunbathing along the Ord River yesterday afternoon. When our high speed sightseeing boat pulled up on the river bank and set up lunch on the picnic tables, I was a wee bit nervous!  However, these crocs, unlike their saltwater cousins, are apparently shy around people, and cannot open their narrower jaws to eat them - they would break - so perhaps being a larger person is safer around these waters!

Today I'm crossing the ocean to the island of Timor - the water is quite flat so no sea sickness meds. required - hooray!


  1. Hello Mary:
    Despite what you say about these crocodiles inability to open their jaws wide enough to eat a human being, we are not certain that we should want to have our picnic in quite such close proximity!

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  3. He is quite a beautiful croc indeed, but so glad he cannot eat people. Continue your happy travels.

  4. Cor blimey, they're big no wonder you were nervous Mary.
    Hope the crossing is calm for you.
    Rose H

  5. Oh Mary, I don't know. Those crocs would still worry me just a bit. Your trip sounds wonderful!

  6. What a beautiful animal. I never knew that the freshwater crocodiles weren't dangerous.

    Sounds like you're having a brilliant time.

    Sft x

  7. What if that croc just wanted to come say hello? What if he doesn't know his mouth won't open wide enough. Ha! Sounds like an exciting journey. I get seasick really easy so boat rides are always difficult for me. Take care! Tammy

  8. When are you coming home - I miss my coffee buddy! Hope Bob is watering your lovely new plant - where did you get it? I am looking for one like it....Call when you get back to your cottage! Jeannette

  9. Glad to see you are having yet another amazing holiday. Shivers down my spine at the thought of the crocodile. The sunsets are beautiful and love the camel ride along the beach. I look forward to the photographs when you return.
    Take care and enjoy. Eileenx

  10. Oh dear Mary,
    I just couldn't swim within range of that croc even if it's jaw is too small too swallow me!!!!!
    What an adventure!!


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