Sunday, September 23, 2012

Garden snippets...................

This was Summer 2012 in a small and much-loved 
garden in a corner of North Carolina. 
With Autumn not far off things will change.
Colors, what's left of them, will fade and 
the beautiful shades of russet, red and gold 
will appear. The neighborhood will take on
a completely different look, beautiful in the 
warmth of the September sunshine.
Coming back soon.......and you know where
I'll be - you'll find me in my garden.


  1. Summer is beautiful at your place. I love the cute birdhouse. Lovely photos. Have a great week!

  2. Mary, it's sweet to think of you puttering your garden or taking tea in the gazebo. Enjoy the rest of your trip and come back safely........Sarah

  3. Your garden was beautiful this year Mary. I am looking forward to your return.

  4. Your garden will await your return. I love heliotrope - such a beautiful fragrance.

  5. These are such wonderful images from your summer garden Mary.
    I'm yearning for Summer now, the long warm days and evenings can't come quickly enough for me.

    Summer was terrible when I was in France - a jacket or a cardigan worn everyday.
    The girls spent just one day in the pool while I was there...

    You my dear will be yearning to see your Autumn garden and get everything bedded down for Winter.
    I love every season of the year, and Autumn is almost my favourite.

    Enjoy your last few days with Paula
    hugs and love
    Shane x

  6. Hello Mary:
    Since we no longer have a garden, it is always a real pleasure seeing snippets of others.

  7. Such glorious images Mary - I bet your garden is missing you too!
    Safe journey dear friend.
    Rose H

  8. Hope you are loving your trip.. i am enjoying your garden pix..Thank you...

  9. A small garden in North Carolina, what a delightful place to be.

  10. Can't wait for your return. Oh how lovely is your garden. I love the transitions of the seasons in a garden.

  11. Beautiful post. Makes me want to weed.... I'll just sit here quietly until that passes...


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