Thursday, February 27, 2014

An anniversary - and thoughts on the changing ways of reading…………

James Frances Day - Undated ~ Elsa Kaji 1922 ~ Jessie Willcox Smith 1909

I've been thinking a lot about reading lately. Today is the seventh anniversary of my starting a blog. My initial blog was titled Across The Pond and started in 2007 - still accessible if you click on my sidebar. Some of you dear readers were following me even back then, seven long years ago! Thanks so much for sticking with me and reading of my comings and goings around this vast and wonderful world. 

I had no idea what to illustrate this post with - it's quite an auspicious day, all anniversaries usually are no matter the reason. Celebrations are fun and memorable, but no horns are tooting here, no fancy cakes being cut, no packages being unwrapped. Instead I'm thinking about reading, beloved books, and many wonderful blogs. I'm wondering if artists are now painting pictures of children sitting at computers, tapping on tablets, notebooks, e-readers and even phones………makes one think doesn't it? I do believe a huge percentage of my generation still love books. The children in the paintings here became our grandparents, our parents………and they read real books to us. How fortunate were we. 

Jemima c. 1860 ~ Florence & Margaret Hoopes 1933

Thank you for visiting here. You are all very special 
friends with whom I hope to continue sharing the 
everyday, the simple, sometimes the complicated, and 
every once in a while, possibly the spectacular. 


  1. Some people say that reading and writing are going out of date. But thanks to texts, facebook and blogs ordinary people are now writing and reading more than ever. It's wonderful. I read of a world that is beyond my reach. Not some literary competition. Real words, from the real people. Bringing real joy. Here where I live not everyone can read in English, and not everyone can read at all. Sure, I am very conservative, sour, and too talkative; but actually that is sometimes a sign that I am strongly engaged in what I read. These are soft, gentle pictures you have chosen and I find that they express beautifully the delights of reading.

  2. Hello Mary;

    First, many, many congratulations on this anniversary and how beautifully illustrated is this post. To have maintained your writing both here and 'Across the Pond' for seven years is a remarkable achievement particularly in a world which is so very transitory.

    As for you, reading for us is one of life's greatest pleasures and has little to equal it. We are indeed blessed to belong to a generation which was, as a matter of course, read to and wonder if it will ever be the same for future generations.

  3. Dear Mary, Congratulations. Seven years of blogging, and blogging regularly as you do, is a huge accomplishment. I have enjoyed going back .through your earlier posts and through your "Across the Pond" posts.
    Reading the old fashioned way, settled in with a cup of tea and a cozy corner and with an interesting book, is still a favorite.
    Looking forward to reading your lovely blog for the next 7 years. ox, Gina

  4. Congratulations on your 7 year mark, that's awesome! I still love to read a real book, hold it in my hand, like I've always done. I love your photographs, they are just precious!

  5. Happy blog anniversary Mary. I have so enjoyed traveling all over the world with you and spending time visiting you in your lovely home through your blog over the last several years. I am so happy that we have actually spent real time together in person. Love you and Bob both!

    About reading. I do have a Nook and read books that way now, but I still buy cookbooks and decorating books.

  6. I am sure that the artists will catch up, but I am not certain if anything can be more charming than a picture of parent and child reading a book. I do have some neat photos of grands huddled around the iPad. Ha!

    Congrats on seven years of blogging! I'll join you in July!

  7. Happy Blog Anniversary from one breath of fresh air to another :-)
    Annie x

  8. Happy Anniversary - I've been following you for a long long time and enjoy it so much. Our three grandsons are readers - they read paper books - kindle books and those half and half books - the ones that are paper books but have something digital in them to make the story pop. I don't see them as having a favorite type - they just like books. Our 9 year old grandson has email now - monitored of course - but it is part of their school work - teaching them to communicate through the "written" word - how to be gracious and how to form proper connections in the vast world of the computer.

    My preference, however, is the kindle book - in my "golden" years I find it to be so much handier - you can carry around 100 or more books in the space of a paperback - you can read in the dark (we have a kindle peperwhite, which has the lighted screen) - plus you find a word you want defined - hold your finger on it - and the definition pops up - and you can get library books and free books on the kindle - I just love mine. I keep some books for the ages of the grandsons 2, 9 and 12 - on the kindle for reading together - they all like that a lot, and some for individual reading. You can get cookbooks of all sorts too. It is lightweight and travels well. I say hurray for reading - of all types.

  9. Happy Anniversary, dear Mary! You are a favorite, I have enjoyed your blog since it was Across the Pond and love it all, each and every little thing you share.
    Books are still a favorite and one I love so much. Do you go to Costco? I have been noticing they are not carrying as many books as they use to and not as
    many are browsing, so sad. My little D is learning to love books and he almost always has a board book in his hands. Maybe, just maybe he will continue
    the tradition.

  10. Happy Anniversary to one of my favorite bloggers and to a dear friend! Seven years is to be applauded, dear Mary.
    Oh, reading. I go back and forth on this one as you know. I love reading and always will. I prefer real books, but I succumbed to a Kindle this year. But it keeps me reading, especially when I'm out and about and that's a good thing!


  11. Congratulations, Mary, and you cannot imagine how much I look forward to reading your blog each day, one of my very favorites. I enjoy your writing, your topics, your travel and your lovely photos. Thank you for this gift to those of us who love to read.
    Farm Gal in VA

  12. Happy Anniversary Mary, and congratulations on your seven years of blogging. Seems I've been with you almost from the beginning and have watched your space as you've expanded and changed it and made it ever more beautiful and interesting. Thank you for your friendship over these years; it's always a joy to visit you here at A Breath of Fresh Air.

  13. Seven years is worthy of a big congratulations Mary. Although things are forever changing in the world of new technology I still believe that reading to or with children is an important foundation in a child's life. Normally as they grow up themselves they continue, and hopefully will do the same for their children. I am still a book person myself, I haven't resorted to a Kindle as yet.

  14. Happy Anniversary, Mary! I'm glad I found your blog a couple of years ago and it's now one of my favorites. I grew up on books and my children were raised that way, too. They all have e-readers now, but still read the real thing as well. And of course the little grand girlies are in love with books. "Read to me," one says. "More, more," says the other (younger) one. Trips to the library are regular and anticipated events. Our love of story will never go away even if the delivery medium changes.

  15. Mary, congratulations on the anniversary. You know I've been a long time follower. I'd follow you around the world. Come to think of it, I have followed you around the world! ;-)
    Here's to reading more of what you have to share with us, my friend! ~ Sarah

  16. Congratulations, Mary! Happy Anniversary! I enjoy your posts, face it, I like your 'whole' blog. Your garden, your adventures,... you do good work. Thanks for sharing your life with us.

  17. Thank you Mary, for sharing such wonderful thoughts and delights of your life. A true gift to us all.

  18. It is our wedding anniversary today, so snap!! although we have been married for 17 years. I know I started to read your blog way back, did not realise it was so long ago I think I started mine whilst Edwin was in hospital when our merrygo round of hospital visits started, we are still on the merrygo round, I doubt we are ever going to get off..

  19. "Many happy Returns" dear Mary! That's a real achievement - seven years .
    I for one, am so glad you embarked on the blogging journey all those years ago.
    I have the feeling that you have always been ahead of the times - not just in blogging but in many other ways too!
    It is always a joy to visit "A Breath of Fresh Air".
    You have written many thought provoking posts and wowed us with your amazing travelogues always managing to capture the essence of the destination. This invariably gives me the urge to haul out my travel books and plan another trip too!
    Here’s to the next seven years - who knows what we’ll be doing then – we may still be writing our blog posts or it could quite easily evolve into something different – social media is moving so fast!
    Whichever way it goes I know I’ll still want to read about what you’re up to, your journeys and the destinations!
    Hoping you and Bob visit my shores in the not too distant future as well!
    Shane xox

  20. Happy Blog Anniversary to you. I have not been around for seven years but I do love the travel photos and lovely decor in your home. Your musings about reading are very thought provoking. I do wonder how artists will paint today's children.

  21. I do hope that the younger generation will continue the love affair with books. Even though we are avid Kindle readers, we still love out books. And happy anniversary!

  22. I guess I'm one of your loyal blog readers, I don't even remember how I found you....but I'm glad I did. Happy anniversary!


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