Saturday, February 22, 2014

Getting started………………

Painted sign at Two Old Birds at Vintage Village.

Mark Twain got it right with this quote didn't he?
If you, like me, have painting projects awaiting, 
perhaps this should be our mantra.

Remember this cabinet I shared with you some time back?  
This has continued to be my inspiration piece.
I'm still hoping to tackle my smaller sideboard (below) 
in the dining room, turning it into something similar -
very blue, a bit bashed about, and beautiful. 
Dilapidated decadence comes to mind!

Most of my decor has become very neutral over the past 
several years. I still love it but feel I need to bring 
back some color here and there. Perhaps it's the cold,
seemingly endless, Winter that has made me crave color.

These beautiful painted pieces are at SuzAnna's Antiques 
and painted with Annie Sloan's Napoleonic Blue 
Chalk Paint with the dark wax finish.
I now have a plethora of little pots of dark blue paint, 
samples I gathered when deciding on the wall paint for the 
entry. I admit I also have one of these, the very same 
Napoleonic Blue. 
I'm hoping all these should make it possible to reproduce 
finish similar to my inspiration piece!

By the way, there was a HOLD tag on this lovely chest, 
with great French style hardware, when I saw it last Sunday - so 
by now it's probably gracing some lucky gal's home. I just 
know she's loving it!


  1. Hello Mary:
    Or we could say, "Better do it now than wish it done"!! Your small sideboard is very attractive as it is but what fun to change the colour and we really think a darker blue would look most impressive. Paint is such a wonderful thing for it transoms anything and is, of course, in most instances never irreversible.

  2. I plan on doing some painting when I get back to Lake Lure in April. Hope your project goes well. I love the blue Mary.

  3. I should have more painting projects, but I hate to paint. You have a sweet little piece there that will lend itself well to your experiements!

  4. Dear Mary, How could I forget this beautiful cabinet you are using for inspiration. If I were to tackle this project I would begin with a lively RED. Then add your favorite blues, wiping through and letting the red peak through, here and there. Then finish with a very dark wax.
    Have fun and let us see the progress. ox, Gina

    1. Gina dear, thanks for the ideas. I was thinking of starting with a deep Merlot shade which has red in it, then Black Sapphire, Napoleon Blue and perhaps touches of a lighter blue of some sort - in other words, dark to light with sanding and distressing then as you suggest, dark wax! It may be a complete flop but I can always prime if again and start over, LOL! Paint is so forgiving isn't it?

  5. I am looking forward to seeing the transformation! I think it is going to be wonderful. As you know, I have been painting up a storm lately. I think I am finished with my painting projects and am looking forward to starting some gardening projects next month.

    It was so wonderful to hear you voice yesterday! I didn't recognize the phone number, but as soon as I heard you say, "Penny" I knew it was you! It was sweet of you to think of me while baking "the perfect apple pie". I hope it turn out well.

    1. Yes, pie was excellent - hard just to eat only one slice last night when it was still warm and fresh, LOL!!
      Lovely to chat - let's do it again when you're not busy!
      Mary X

  6. Get off the indecision fence and start! Thank IS the key! Being an analytical person, I know well about the "paralysis of analysis." So I force myself into boldly making the leaps to get things done. That blue color is gorgeous.

  7. I love your idea. I am a total sissy when it comes to paint colors.

  8. Painting that cabinet a more vibrant colour is a terrific idea. I can see that style is fashionable where you live. And colours can be changed. The piece is preserved.
    But providing false signs of wear and tear???? No. Please don't do that. Genteel poverty is only a memory, a device dragged out by photographers. Abuse of furniture is a crime against the craftsman. You are a woman who is fastidious and well travelled. Care, antiques, respect and knowledge are your hallmarks. If you walk through the rooms of a centuries-old palace there will not be dings, scratches and paint scrapes on the furniture. If you bring these into your home, what will they say about you?

  9. Hi Louise - the inspiration piece is actually in the Sydney home of an Australian designer! I just love her style and want to make my sideboard more romantic looking with signs of age. It was actually pale green with flowers painted on the doors when I purchased it many years ago as a new piece - it's not an antique, I wouldn't paint it if it was. I'll keep the 'bashing' to a minimum, promise!
    How's life there in Darwin? I was just looking at some photos from the hotel garden in Broome yesterday thinking of using one for my desktop for a change!
    Thanks for stopping by.

  10. Hi Mary! What gorgeous pieces you have shown us! They are just so beautiful and I would love all of them! I am in the process of redoing the furniture in our Master Bedroom and your photos have given me some ideas and also have given me encouragement.

  11. Beautiful blues huh? Dear, you know I'm always read to tackle a painting project... I bet you cabinet will look fantastic when you're done. Miss you already! Love ~ Vanessa


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