Wednesday, February 19, 2014

February Note Card Party………

A few garden shots taken a couple of weeks ago during 
our first snowfall here in the southeast. Since then 
we had another stronger storm bringing much 
more snow and ice………………thankfully now melted.

These could be all occasion cards to share before our 
thoughts turn to Nature's more colorful kaleidoscope to 
welcome Spring.

Joining in Vee's February Note Card Party. Hope you'll stop by and join the fun over at A Haven for Vee


  1. Lovely cards, yes they are. And a final remembrance of winters cold days.
    Now I am watching very closely for those shining faces of Spring. Soon, very soon
    they will appear. So happy to hear your snow and ice has disappeared, as it has
    here. My daffodils have heads on them now, but waiting to open when the sun comes
    again. I don't think the sun will shine for a few more days, cloudy and rain are on the schedule.

  2. Oh, these are lovely, with the same tonal colors too! Love that box top design! Doesn't Miz Vee have the best parties?

  3. Beautiful cards Mary. I love the charming sayings.

  4. Such charming photos - they really bring winter in close. Great shots.

  5. Beautiful cards, Mary. You captured the beauty of a snowy day with these. ;-)

  6. Beautiful photos of your garden. I love the muted winter palette and your editing, along with the flowing script.

  7. Winter beauty indeed! I didn't get here with your link on Vee's post had an error. You might want to check on it and see if it needs changed. Sweet hugs from FL, Diane

  8. Mary, thanks to Diane for reporting a broken link, it's working now and more company should be coming your way. I don't know how you made snow look warm, but you surely have.

  9. Beautiful notecards! I love the muted colours of them all and they make a really lovely set.

  10. Your note cards are really nice Mary, all in neutral colours and with neat looking frames around them.

  11. Lovely notecard photo choices Mary. I love the soft monochromatic, almost "vintage" feel. So very beautiful.

  12. There is beauty in winter, and you have captured it well!

    So very nice!


  13. Today's pictures are so beautiful. Thanks for your hard work and sharing them with us. It was in the 70's in Fort Worth today, cooler temps on the way, but for a few days Spring seems like a possibility.

  14. Lovely, lovely, lovely photos. I would like to have a box of those! You did a splendid job!
    Farm Gal in VA

  15. Just lovely Mary, specially the one at the top with the snow nestling on the brittle looking but obviously strong hydrangea :))

  16. Mary, these are so pretty. I just love the way you captured winter in such a charming way, with spots of color. Wonderful!


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