Tuesday, February 18, 2014

A brighter February weekend at last ………

SuzAnna's Antiques is already dressed for Spring. On 
Sunday afternoon it warmed up, the sun was bright, 
and almost all the snow was gone, gone, gone! 
Colorful displays outside and in were drawing the 
crowds anxious to get back into 'treasure hunting' mode 
after the long winter.

Love that small painted table………

One of my granddaughter Jasmin's vignettes - she likes 
to keep busy in between serving customers, perhaps she needs 
to come over and rearrange my treasures! 

3 Generations Design - the newest shop at the 
Vintage Village has opened.  

Seen at the lovely little gem of a shop Two Old Birds
lots of great painted pieces. Owner Susan is an 
Annie Sloane Chalk Paint dealer and gives classes. 
Soon the shop will expand into the building next door, 
more room for classes……I must take one perhaps this Spring.

Wow, what about this combination!  
Annie Sloane's Chalk Paint in Scandinavian Pink and Olive. 
Hard to get a pic showing the true color of the green due 
to the bright lights, it's actually somewhat duller - such 
as at the left side around the drawer.
 I thought these colors spectacular on this beautiful 
very old piece - thoughts of Swedish painter 
Carl Larson came to mind. Just visible, one of 
the huge clawed feet. 
Susan of Two Old Birds painted this piece and it is awesome.

My visit to the Vintage Village was special in another 
way too. My dear, lovely friend Vanessa came back from 
Charlotte and we had a few great hours together visiting
the girls and shopping. A great Sunday! 


  1. I had a wonderful time visiting, shopping, and indulging on a few chocolate cookies with you dear! Thank you! Treasure hunting is always fun when we're together. I wish you have a lovely week, and I'll be looking forward to coming back for another enjoyable Sunday afternoon with you. Love ~ Vanessa

  2. I love those painted pieces. How fun that you and Vanessa got to spend some time together!
    p.s. we will be in the 60's today, but we still have a lot of snow on the ground. Hope it all melts today!

  3. What a treat, to catch a glimpse of spring at SuzAnna's. I found something in every shot - my shopping bag would have been full had this been a real visit!

  4. What a grand shop! Thanks for taking us along on your outing.

  5. What a fun outing and to catch a glimpse of spring is an added treat. We are all longing for spring, I think. I really like the garland of chandelier crystals. So very pretty.

  6. Love the chest in the last picture a lot.
    Lovely colors.
    Saw a transferware plate tucked in another photo.
    Oh what fun it would be to go exploring with you.
    Maybe one day. Hugs, m

  7. Oh, how I would love to have been with you it these lovely shops. If you take an Annie Sloan paint class, I hope you blog about it. There's nothing available where I live. We're too remote. It would be nice to hear of your experience..


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