Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Strolling around Budapest.................

I've just discovered I'd not published this final post 
showing more of my visit to awesome Budapest, Hungary 
last October, so am sharing now.

Beautiful things catch your attention on the 
old streets of Budapest.
Take another little stroll with me here through Pest, 
the low side of the city on one side of the Danube.

Bronze devilish fauns, symbols of artistic spirit - at  
The Boscolo Hotel now occupying the beautifully renovated 
New York Palace building.

The New York Palace building - commissioned by the 
New York Life Insurance Company, opened in 1894. 
It was nationalized during the communist area then, 
after the collapse of socialism, purchased later
by Italian Boscolo Hotels in 2001, totally renovated 
at a cost of 80 million Euros, and reopened in 2006
as a luxury hotel.

Up until World War II, when the building was damaged and fell into disrepair, the magnificent cafe on the ground floor was a meeting place for 20th century Hungarian writers, poets and journalists, and was known as "the most beautiful cafe in the world". The renovations are amazing and I think it should 
still be called the best even today.

Although the structure is ornate, in the lobby the floral displays were contemporary and quite lovely.

Strolling along some of the side streets we noticed several 
antiques shops offered extremely ornate merchandise.


 The following images are of the Budapest Opera House......
magnificent both outside and in.

Whilst taking the tour we were able to see the stage being set for the production of Verdi's final opera Falstaff. 

As I mentioned in my earlier posts here on Budapest
this is a stunning city.  
I would love to return again some day to see more.


  1. Hello Mary,

    What a wonderfully visual treat for us. We are delighted that this post got away and has been brought back now whilst we are around to see it.

    The New York cafe was indeed very famous and it is a joy to see it restored to its former glory. When we first came to Budapest the whole place was a blackened shell with a Russian tank in the middle of it. The mantra for the cafe was "we shall never close" but the Soviet Army had other ideas!

    And, how amazing that you witnessed the preparations for Falstaff. We saw it and it was absolutely fantastic. Great music, glorious singing and a dazzling production. The Budapest Opera House is totally fabulous these days and is still affordable unlike so many other Opera Houses throughout Europe.

    1. Thank you dear Jane and Lance - I thought of you while strolling through the city and hoped so much to bump into you perhaps!
      We even finagled our way into the spectacular Buddha Bar in the Klothilde Palace (because of your post on same!) in the morning before anyone was actually working - they were very nice to us and permitted us to look around.
      We loved the Opera House and had a wonderful tour including a musical treat - a song by a baritone from the company. Would have loved to have sat in one of those boxes to see and hear the entire opera - glad you enjoyed it.

      Happy day - Mary

  2. Wonderful architecture! Opening onto its own page made a striking difference...the details were incredible. I also think that the green "vases" are delightful.

  3. Such gorgeous decor would really add to the enjoyment of tea, lunch, or music. I'm in awe at the level of ornateness and the imagination that it would take to create such buildings. And I like the juxtaposition of the modern florals in such a setting. A good reminder that culture, art and life are in continual flux. I'd love to visit Budapest!

  4. This looks like a beautiful place Mary! The architecture, chandeliers, the cafe and the flower arrangements are stunning. A gorgeous feast for the eyes. This has to be now on my places to visit! X

  5. What a beautiful place. That opera house is just stunning! So glad you found this to post.

  6. Hi Mary, just stopping by to say how delightful your blog is. Thanks so much for sharing. I have recently found your blog and am now following you, and will visit often. Please stop by my blog and perhaps you would like to follow me also. Have a wonderful day. Hugs, Chris

  7. Oh my but the architecture is gorgeous. Love, love the hotel.
    How I would love sitting there in the hotel lobby sipping some tea
    and watching people walking by. The modern floral arrangements
    don't really match, but for some reason I still love them. How I would
    love walking down that stairway in a ball gown just swopping off to the dance.
    Thanks for sharing!

  8. The architecture and decorative elements of old world Europe are really stunning! Thank you for sharing! I'll never get to see it for myself, so looking at your photos is the next best thing.


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