Sunday, February 16, 2014

Morning housekeeping……………

The cleaner arrived early Saturday morning, compliments of Mother Nature. 
The rain was tippling down. The front porch was a dry spot to rest and watch the snow gradually wash away down the drains and culverts along the ice-rutted street.
Remains of the birds' peanut butter cookie crumbs were scattered along the porch rail. The squirrel came to drink from the fountain, then sniffed the air and was up on the rail. Deliciousness awaited.
He, or she, knew I was there and didn't flinch when I moved up to the window with the camera. We even made eye contact, but what's a mere mortal's presence matter to a brave little creature when food is within reach! 

The railing was licked clean in no time.  
You can't help but love them despite the sometimes naughty 
things they do!


  1. I think there are times when wildlife have to put their wariness to one side to make sure they survive. I really felt for this little one. Keep safe and warm xx

  2. Dear Mary, He/she is a clever little critter and you have captioned it so well, even through a window. Happy Sunday! ox, Gina

  3. You are so right about that... despite them scavenging the bird food, climbing on my screens and sending my dog into hysterical barking... I still love them.
    Your photos are, once again, excellent. I particularly like the one with his little toe hanging over the railing.
    We haven't gotten the rain yet, so our snow is still hanging on.
    Enjoy your Sunday, Mary.

  4. LOL, love how its tail curves along the back.

  5. His/her tail is really fluffy! Great snapshots Mary.

  6. Such a brave little squirrel. She/He must have been very hungry.

    I do love the freshness in the air after a good rain that washes the landscape so well. So your snow is gone. Bring on spring!

  7. Thank you, Mary, for this delightful post, and for all the things you share with us. I truly enjoy all.
    The blue in your foyer is beautiful! You are sure to enjoy it each time you gaze upon it.
    Hope your Sunday is peaceful.


    1. Thanks Barbie - you are very kind to comment. Wish you had a blog!

  8. Good shots Mary. Our winter friends need our help when it is this cold.

  9. Such beautiful shots of a busy little squirrel. It is fun to watch squirrels scamper about and eat. Thanks for sharing your wonderful photos.

  10. Oh Mary what a sweet visitor to find on your porch railing! I'm sure he/she has your house mapped out as a great stop for delicious morsels!
    We don't have squirrels here mores the pity - I find them so appealing!
    I've seen them only twice and that was in the UK. One in the back garden of my nephew's flat in Islington - it was love at first sight! The other was in a cemetery in Guisborough up north, such industrious little critters!

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