Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Plantation house is moved...............

Remember the circa 1795 southern plantation house above 
which I recently featured HERE. Yesterday was the 
big day when she was moved to her new location.  

I kicked myself when I heard the big move occurred in 
the morning - by afternoon I was there in the rain taking 
these late pics. 
As is obvious, we live in an area with clay soil!

After the house was prepared, a huge piece of remote controlled building-moving equipment lifted the house off its foundation and gradually moved it to the new lot. It was reported in our paper this morning that a glass of water on a windowsill would not teeter and fall with such a gentle move, quite amazing!

Now she sits nestled in the trees again on a new lot awaiting a new foundation..............she is still for sale at $350,000 and the estimated cost for renovation is $500,000. Magnificence comes at a price, but how beautiful she could become with money, time, and a loving owner who wants to preserve what is the oldest private residence in Raleigh.


  1. It's amazing how they can move a huge house like that isn't it? I hope someone will still buy it and restore it. Thanks for sharing the update. Have a great day.

  2. If I only had the money...I would love to tackle a project like this! What is going in it's place?

  3. There is a show on TV here about moving houses and ships and even trains, called Monster Moves. The machinery is amazing and the skill of the workers is incredible. Even though I disagree with relocating historical buildings, I certainly hope that now it has been done some group of investors will create something worthwhile and beautiful with this piece if your area's heritage. I look forward to the occasional update.

  4. Oh I hope someone buys her soon and returns her to full beauty.
    That sounds like an amazing move and so quick. I will look forward
    to updates when life progresses for this beauty.

  5. Fascinating to see it in its new location. Friends of mine once sold their home for a dollar and it was relocated from a town neighborhood to the country. Someone got a deal because it was a beautiful old home. My friends built a brand new one-level home.

  6. Oh I do hope someone will rehab this beauty!

  7. Only over there can houses be moved...amazing !

  8. Dear Mary, Can't say that I'm up for the task. We moved a historic cabin to our old farmstead from a nearby lot. It was worth it. But I don't want to do it again. Have a wonderful remainder of the week.

  9. I hope someone will restore that neat home. But It would have to be by someone who has deep pockets and a lot of patience.


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