Thursday, January 1, 2015

Driving Grandma!

Once again, a very happy New Year.
Are you getting back to doing normal things yet?
Of course you are, just like me.
For instance. . . . . . .being chauffeured about town!

She's getting ready to take her driving test this month. My sweet baby high school 
senior granddaughter. I pushed her in a stroller, shared a teacup ride at the fair, 
was her seat mate on many airplanes around the world, and almost died of fright 
riding Space Mountain with her at Disney World. . . . .while she laughed with excitement!

Now, over the school vacation, I sit in the passenger seat of my own somewhat 
precious vehicle while this child young woman drives me around town - with a 
learner permit tucked in her purse. 
We go shopping at the mall, have lunch out, sit in a coffee shop with our laptops 
sipping lattes, sharing things and moments while we can.

Jasmin's one of the girls now. Adjusting the seat - she's shorter than me, and 
touching up her lipstick, before we go looking for new boots and pretty little things!

Have you ever taught a teenager to drive?


  1. Jasmin is such a beautiful young woman. Now a senior! Where does time go?
    I suspect Jasmin is a very cautious, safe driver. ;-)
    Happy New Year to you and yours. All the best for 2015.

  2. Gawd, No! You are a brave one.

  3. I taught two of our kids to drive - it didn't seem a hard thing to do. They had driver's ed in school and then the parents were responsible for the driving time to get in their hours before they could get their license.They are both great drivers (thank you very much) but our oldest daughter still doesn't drive. She says that the cars go to fast for her soul to keep up with her when she is driving, so she has season pass on the bus, walks a lot of places and they bought a house on the busline. She never asks for rides - she is perfectly content to get herself and Ben around town on the bus, though our son-in-law does drive and takes them places too. By the time Ben was 4 he knew all the bus routes and where they went and where they stopped. Good knowledge for a kid, I'd say.

  4. Oh. Mary...I've caught up and happily so. beautiful and driving, that's a milestone. The putting on of the lipstick makes me laugh! You have a great companion here.

    The wedding, the beautiful in so many ways! Your pictures are lovely and may I compliment the bride on her dress? It's a choice I would have made in a heartbeat.

    Wishing you and Bob all the best in this New Year. Let's hope for a get~together soon!

    Jane x

  5. I helped both our children learn to drive. They had theory lessons at High School, some lessons from a Driving School, and lots of practice with me.
    I took them to some big carparks, like shopping centre carparks when most shops are not open. We practised in the carparks at some big sports venues too. Lots of parking, turning and reversing. We also drove around National Parks. Hills and dirt tracks. I think a long drive of a few hundred kilometres settles the nerves and builds confidence.
    I did find that both children had picked up some incorrect information along the way, such as what speed to do when, and such. Work on the theory.
    Both children are competent drivers now although they would never admit to learning from me. My husband was not at all interested in any part of the process.

  6. The Answer is yes, though now he does not bother driving anywhere leving me to take hime to work as we both work at the same place.

  7. I regret not spending more time teaching my oldest how to drive. He's 19 and still doesn't have his license so relies on the kindness of friends to get around. He arrives Sunday so once again, I will do some lessons with him, but definitely not on any real roads as it is crazy here. We find new neighborhoods where the roads are empty. My 16 year old says he is scared to drive but I will force him to learn so that he doesn't face the same problem as Yusef. No driver's ed here so it isn't easy. Best wishes, Tammy

  8. Mary, your granddaughter is just beautiful!! I tried to teach my middle sister, Sue how to drive. Now mind you I had a Ford Mustang at the time. I was very patient in the beginning but my sister was not a good drive (and still isn't to this day!!). I finally told my parents they were going to have to teach her because she was beyond hope-LOL!! She wasn't going to ruin my mustang!

  9. She certainly has turned into a beautiful young woman! I taught my daughter how to drive, oh what fun!

  10. I helped teach all three of our children to drive. My eldest bought me a bag of sunflower seeds to munch on to help my nerves. I don't think it worked very well. Jasmine is lovely, so grownup. Hope the driving lessons go well.

  11. My husband taught our children. I guess they thought I would stress out or something.
    How exciting for Jasmin to have a grandmother that takes her driving and then shopping too.
    Lucky Jasmin.

  12. I love the editing in these photos. So vintage looking. How fun that you are enjoying these special moments with Jasmin and teaching her to drive. I did go with our daughter some but I think hubby did the teaching part. lol He was pretty strict. And it was on a standard shift too! Fun times for you and Jasmin.

  13. How wonderful! I am glad you are able to help her with her driving while she still has a permit. I remember when our daughter went through that, so many years ago! I got pretty behind with everyone over Christmas! Hope yours was wonderful and your new year as well!


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