Thursday, January 8, 2015

The ups and downs of adventure travel. . . . . . .

We were due to safari in Kenya with dear friends, leaving end of 
January. Excited to be returning to Africa to see another country, meet 
its people, fall in love all over again with its beautiful wild animals . . . . . and 
share it all with you on the return. On the way back we had plans for a few
days in England and Ireland also.
But there's a problem . . . . . . and it's called pain!
You may recall I was recently diagnosed with a hip tear which, supposedly, was 
causing my severe pain and restricted movement. Possible arthroscopic surgery, or 
even hip replacement, was looming in the near future. Three physicians later, and two 
injections to determine whether the pain is coming from that hip, I still have no relief whatsoever, 
Yesterday I was passed along to yet another specialist who will look elsewhere 
for the cause.  Another MRI appointment soon.

Meanwhile, the uncertainly of what could possibly happen on such a strenuous trip 
overseas, still with a torn hip, and my pain being worse when sitting and lying down, 
made several long flights, climbing in and out of high vehicles, and riding fast 
and furious over very uneven terrain - which it what a true safari is all about - impossible. 
I did not savor the possibility of visiting a Nairobi hospital, and definitely not want to be a 
stick-in-the-mud and spoil the fun of the other members of the group.
So we've had to drop out and another lucky couple will get to take our place!

We wander for distraction, but we travel for fulfillment.
- Hilaire Belloc -


  1. Mary, that is so disappointing for you but I'm sure it's a very wise decision too. Your health comes first and I hope the MRI will reveal the cause of your pain and discomfort so you can be 'on the mend' soon. Have a cozy day. xx Pam

  2. So sorry you had to cancel your trip, but your health is the most important thing. Pain is no fun. I understand only too well.

  3. I know you were really looking forward to your trip and I am so sorry you had to cancel. I hope this next specialist determines the cause of your pain and you can get it fixed soon Mary.

  4. A very sensible decision, but hard also for you to lose such a lovely trip.

  5. How disappointing for you, so sorry you had to cancel your trip, your health is more important. Hope the Dr. can determine the cause of your pain.

  6. Oh, Mary. I am so sorry to hear about your pain. I know you were so looking forwar to it but that being said, if it is going to cause pain during your trip, I think you made the right decision. Hope you get better soon!

  7. I am so sorry that you had to cancel your trip! There is the inevitable disappointment, but you are doing the right thing. Such a journey would be an incredible health risk. I pray that the doctors can pinpoint the cause once and for all!

  8. Take good care of yourself, Mary. My sister had hip surgery only last year and she is at her best again. I hope the MRI tells you what you need to know and then what needs to be done can be done. It hopefully won't be long before your healing can begin. Stay positive. Deb

  9. Wishing you a correct diagnosis and treatment Mary. I hope there will be other opportunities for travel.I am wishing that you get well and pain free soon.

  10. Really sorry to learn about your hip problem Mary, but in the circumstances I think you are wise to cancel. Hopefully, if things improve, you can make the trip another time.

  11. OH so sorry that you had to cancel - I know how you love to travel. I hope the pain source is diagnosed and taken care of quickly. I foolishly traveled 2 years ago to Wisconsin with such pain in my left leg that I nearly passed out at times - then in November had to have emergency surgery - they discovered a 1 1 /4" piece of bone - extra bone, that formed and grew right into my spinal column - apparently I am a "calcium bone builder", I make extra pieces of bone in unusual places. It is creepily scary as to what damage I could have done what with getting in and out of vehicles and planes and tramping around in Northern Wisconsin. I've been very fortunate that nothing bad happened during the trip, and the surgery was a great success. So stay home and take care of yourself - I know you will be glad when it is all over - my thoughts are with you.

  12. Mary, I'm so sorry to hear your pain continues and a diagnosis is still being determined. But of course you made the right choice about the trip! I pray the new doctor will find the cause and get you some real relief, and very soon!

  13. Dearest Mary,

    This must be a great disappointment for you but you are most certainly wise to have cancelled such a strenuous journey. Continuous pain is so very debilitating and there is really nowhere better to be in these circumstances than in the comfort of one's own home. There will be other times and opportunities. Your health must come first.

    We have been so very touched by your kind concern for our own health issues. We are back. The sun and sea air have worked their magic but we have missed you.

    Wishing you all joy and success for 2015. May your problems be solved soon.

  14. I can imagine how disappointed and frustrated you must be. Pain is a tough thing to deal with especially when you are unable to find an answer or relief. I do hope this new doctor will be able to get to the root of the problem and have you feeling pain free soon.


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