Friday, March 6, 2015

Decor Doldrums. . . . . . . .

Are you feeling like me these long dreary winter days?  
Completely in the *doldrums when it comes to redecorating, or even dusting 
for that matter! Do you like playing in your house, moving your collections 
around, changing up vignettes on tables and shelves, hanging your art on a 
different wall, moving the furniture about. . . . . . . anything to make your home
 a comfortable space for you?
I'm confessing right now - I'm not doing a thing when it comes to any of the 
above - including much housework, other than the truly necessary chores such 
as kitchen and bathrooms. The dust from the fireplace has dulled anything shiny. 
Spring cleaning is on my mind.
I look about the rooms and know I need some motivation. I'm hoping 
it might come today. With the weekend looking up weather wise, above 
freezing, sunshine, no rain, perhaps my energy will return. . . . . 
or I might just decide to take some time outdoors enjoying almost
Spring weather. Clocks go forward one hour here Saturday night.
My weekly schedule now includes two physiotherapy sessions in hopes 
my spine/leg problem will improve without having that nasty surgery any time soon. 
I will also be back to walking more once it's warmer, and I'm definitely thinking 
that some much missed antiquing needs to start up again. This weekend I hope to 
get over to Suzanna's Antiques watch this space for new treasures 
I'll share with you.

*doldrums ~ a state or period in which 
there is no activity or improvement. . . 


  1. I've been in the decorating doldrums for quite some time now. I can't blame it on the weather - maybe on being too busy. I hope your weather improves soon so you can get out and go antiquing for inspiration!

  2. I vote for a trip to Suzanna's! Have a great weekend, Mary.

  3. Hi Mary, We seem to be on the same wavelength. The doldrums seem to be a fact of life in late winter, even here in the sunshine state. Each morning I make plans to clean closets, empty cluttered drawers, etc. but get little accomplished. Maybe today will be different. Happy antiquing!

  4. Hi Mary, being in the doldrums isn't fun. I think I was in them in January and early February but have come out since March rolled in. I've redecorated my china hutch for Easter/spring and also some tables. I switched out my sofa pillows and throw for spring green ones and it makes me feel so much better already. I little purple campanula in a mauve pot brings cheer to the coffee table too. Then I look out the window. ACK! White as can be. LOL I'll look forward to seeing what treasures you might find at Suzanna's. That would be fun to visit there. Enjoy.

  5. Don't want to rub it in but the weather here in Normandy has been pretty nice these past few days, my spring cleaning urges have come to the fore and I have been moving things around indoors quite a bit. Today I've had fun doing two new tabletop displays in the dining room in between helping the SP to "find his stuff" so that he can pack his suitcase!
    I'm with Sarah, a trip to Suzanna's will be the best cure for the doldrums.

  6. I'm beginning to think of spring cleaning too - though not moving much towards it just yet. We have sunshine this weekend and that always inspires me to action. Hopefully you will be enjoying your weekend also.

  7. My decor is pretty lean. I have to keep it that way. I hate to dust and work too many hours. It is very hard when you are limited by pain, I understand that very well.
    Fortunately I chose a small house that suits me just fine and doesn't take to long to clean.
    I do hope you will be feeling better and will not have to endure surgery! Take Care!

  8. I love to change things around in my house and right now we're re-doing some decor in the living room, so no doldrums here right now. However, I've been looking for a new kitchen area rug and can't find exactly what I'm looking for, so it's driving me kind of crazy. Our weather finally hit the 40's today which is a huge warm-up for us, so I was out galavanting most of the day! I browsed at Goodwill and an antique mall, but didn't find anything "good". I hope you are able to put off surgery as long as possible!

  9. I hate the doldrums and I must say that I have not accomplished anything significant this winter. There is plenty to be done.....closets, drawers, cabinets, spring cleaning...........I must do something about it.....sooner rather than later I hope! I do believe that better weather will help us all. It better!!!! :-)
    Farm Gal in VA
    PS I did look out my kitchen window that overlooks the farm this afternoon and saw the first baby calf being born. Such joy!

  10. I hope the doldrums pass soon for you, Mary! I have been trying to do a little spring cleaning, but I am not focusing.
    Today we went searching for birds in the country and weren't disappointed. Though I must say I wish to came a bit
    closer so I could have enjoyed them even more. I hope you made it to the antique shop. I ended up going twice to
    different antique malls just to push the doldrums away this past week. Now another adventure comes this next week.
    Sending you hugs for healing and a imaginary broom to swish the doldrums away. xoxo m

  11. Oh Mary, I do hope spring comes soon for you! Doldrums are no fun at all. It is nice here and I still don't care much for dusting! But I am pretty picky about having a tidy home. Your home is always beautiful. Maybe all of the beauty will distract you from focusing on the dust.



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