Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Autumn - perhaps time for a picnic.

I parked in front of a really tacky thrift shop when popping into my local Aldi on Monday
to pick up zucchini, squash, cauliflower, mushrooms etc. for soups - prices half of what you 
pay at the big grocery chains. 
Anyway, this thrift shop is rather nasty but I thought as I was right in front of the door I'd 
toss the veggies in the car and run in for a quick look before leaving.
Who knows, maybe some unexpected treasure would be discovered.
Since my lovely friend Vanessa moved away, and I no longer have a booth at SuzAnna's 
Antiques with her, visiting places such as thrift shops seems to have come to a halt.
My creative juices have dried up lately, but with the cooler weather on the way, I'm feeling 
more like getting out and doing some treasure hunting again!
So, what did I find?

Bob and I have decided we need to get out and visit more of North Carolina, 
especially places we can see during a fun day trip, or perhaps an overnight if we 
want to go a little further.
One item we keep meaning to replace is the old worn out picnic basket which we 
actually threw out a couple of years ago. It would be nice to pack a light lunch, an 
afternoon tea. . . . . or an aperitif if we decide to stay the night and don't have to drive home.

I was thrilled to find the woven basket sitting on a shelf, empty of course, 
but in great condition, no stains or rips in the dark green check lining fabric, 
closure and handles all in great shape.
I asked them if they could discount the price as there were no picnic accessories 
included - they took $1 off and I purchased happily for $6.99 - a bargain!

I thought I'd gussie it up a bit and add some of my pretty antique china and 
serving utensils before taking photos to share with you. 
Of course I will use more utilitarian 
accouterments for a real picnic . . . . . . but no plastic I promise!

Don't you think it's a cute basket, and such an unusual shape which makes 
it look quite vintage.

Do you. . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
 Like to picnic?
Have a special basket?
Consider picnicking on golden Autumn days?
Would you like to come along on a picnic some day?

See you in the country!


  1. What a charming basket! We love to picnic. I don't have a basket, we use a cooler. We do have a fabulous portable table that rolls up into a small package and is perfect. We also bring chairs, because this old body has a hard time getting up and down from the ground anymore with my RA. Mr. Comforts and I would love to go on a picnic with you and Bob someday! Hope you are able to head this way in the fall when it is a little cooler.

    1. Penny I'm always ready to eat with you and K, restaurants, home, and a picnic would be such fun! Know what you mean about taking the chairs along - once I'm grounded on a blanket it's a struggle to get up! Yes, we'd love to come your way and see you and your new home - hopefully later this year after our travels!
      Take care dear friend - Mary

  2. What an elegant find!
    You mention 'no plastic'...but do have a look at Marks and Spencers picnic ware, it is delightful (and melamine!)

    1. Barbara - next time I'm home I'll take a look - and if it's lightweight perhaps tuck some in my suitcase to bring back!
      Hope all is well dear.
      Mary -

  3. That's beautiful, Mary. I'm sure you will make good use of it.

  4. Yes, yes, yes, yes! I've always loved picnics and in fact have the picnic basket that my dad bought me to take when I left home for the University. It's not fancy, but oh the memories and the sentiment wrapped up within that basket.
    You found a great basket, Mary, and certainly a bargain. It looks lovely with your antique plates, the mother of pearl flatware, and the pretty linens. I don't like to use plastic either, but I do have some fun tin plates that are in the style of French porcelain. I found them at the Musée d'Orsay Gift Shop. Perfect solution! ;-)

  5. What a special find, I love it! I do think it looks vintage! Okay, you'll have to give us a shout out when you head out, I love picnics!

  6. Perfect....what a treasure you have found. Enjoy putting it to good use Mary!



  7. Yes, I would like to come along one day, and we have picnics all year round. The basket is lovely, but we take a little rucksack so that as we walk the hills we have our lunch with us.

  8. Yes, to all the questions. What a wonderful find and good price too. It "gussies" up quite nicely. Love to have tea outdoors.

  9. What a great find. I love this basket,,along with all your dishes. Oh, I would love to go on a picnic with you!! (I don't, but would love to!) Glad to see you again!


  10. Hey, Mary, put me on your invitation list... that looks like fun. and what a great basket to take along!

  11. What a beautiful basket! I'm sure you will make good use of it. Thanks for sharing!

  12. That is a beautiful picnic basket you found. I love how you dressed it up in finery that my grandmother would have taken on a picnic when I was a little girl. It was always china - albeit well worn and not 'good' - and perhaps some odds and ends of silverware. The memory stays with me. I have a large picnic basket that will hold dishes and food that was a wedding gift. We haven't used it in years though. We tend to use insulated coolers instead if we should picnic somewhere. Picnics are enjoyable and so are day trips. I hope you get to use your new basket soon. Have a lovely weekend. xx Pam

  13. We don't go for picnics as such... sadly, my husband being a yachtie all his life can't see the point!
    I enjoy them and as a child we often went on a picnic.
    When we drive out of town I always pack a picnic lunch - I have an old can basket I've had forever and everything goes in that.
    What a bargain Mary and it's a lovely one - well done you!
    Shane x

  14. That was a wonderful find!! We will have to go "junking" as I love that also! See you soon -Ciao!


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