Sunday, September 20, 2015

Time for house warming. . . . . . . . . .

Some friends in northern England are already toasting their toes.
Lighting their fires and relaxing by the hearth.
Tomorrow we will schedule our chimney sweep William for his
annual visit as soon as we return from France.
We have our wood stacked and ready to burn. Thoughts
of Winter evenings in a warm cottage by a blazing fire are good. 

via Anthropologie 

Anthropologie has just come out with a thick HOUSE and HOME catalog
 full of incredibly lovely things for the seasons ahead.
Thoughts of winter evenings around the fire and then climbing into bed under
 cozy throws and blankets come to mind.

Some sweet vintage things which caught my eye at SuzAnna's Antiques recently.
Prices perhaps geared more to my pocketbook than those rather costly
 Anthropologie offerings.

This would be a great necklace or scarf holder.

These parrot prints are lovely. If only I had more wall space!

Cream colored Fleur-de-lys style ceramic tiles - always classic in design.
A few mixed in with plain tiles would bring a touch of France to a 
bathroom or kitchen.
OK, so I have France on my mind constantly these days.
My brother just informed me that the brocante I love in Carcassonne has moved. . . . 
but only across town. I hope he'll take me back and I find something small and 
special to tuck into my one allowed bag to bring home.


  1. Such eye-candy this morning, Mary. :)

  2. I love Anthropologie, but alas, I have had to quit looking as I have too much to get rid of.


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