Monday, September 7, 2015

Dreaming of home in Devon. . . . . . .

I'd really love to be back in England for the last days of Summer. 
As that's impossible, I'm spending a little of my Labor Day holiday time enjoying
 the memories while freeing up storage space on my laptop, and moving travel photos
 to my external hard drive for safe keeping. Need to be ready for my next trip where 
I'm certain to be taking a lot of new photos to share with you.
These are a few more from the June visit to Torquay, the town where grew up,
 and the area of South Devon I'm so familiar with.


  1. Beautiful photos. Going through photos is a great way to relive a trip.

  2. Beautiful photographs, could be used by the Devon Tourist board!! There is no place like home!! We went to Kew Botanical Gardens recently, a place where we visited a lot as children as we lived in the village of Kew Gardens, it felt so comforting and safe to be "Home". We have already booked for a short break in Dorset next year and hope to get to Edinburgh too, gives us something to look forward to during the Winter months, although we have got two more breaks still this year, one to Lincolnshire and one to Barcelona!!

    I love reading about your travels, and seeing the photographs, thank you, Jackie in Surrey, UK.x

  3. My Lord, those shots are beautiful. I don't think I've ever seen beach scenes as beautiful where the vegetation is so near to the water and those cliffs. Just breathtaking.

  4. Torquay with the marina is so attractive and could be mistaken for parts of Auckland!
    I can see how you feel at home, it's beautiful. I know I would find it hard to live inland now, there's just something about being by the seaside!
    It looks like there was a significant yacht race - with all the flags flying on the yachts at the marina!
    Must visit if we get to the UK again!
    Shane x

    1. Yes, you're correct Shane, it was the huge Solitaire du Figaro - Eric Bompard Cachemire - the 2000 mile solo race known as the unofficial world championship of solo offshore sailing. Torbay was the end of Leg 3 and start of Leg 4 - the race started in Bordeaux end of May going as far as the Irish Coast before returning across the Irish Sea into the English Channel. It was quite an occasion - very lively with so much going around Torquay's harbor - and we saw the race around the bay prior to the 40 or more yachts starting on their final push to the finish line in France. Very exciting and colorful - certainly drew big crowds of sailing enthusiasts, with lots of pop-up food trucks and entertainment for the children. The weather was absolutely perfect too!

      Bet your dearest would have enjoyed it too, right?
      Mary -

  5. Mary, that is such beautiful scenery and I see why you long for it so much. But, we are happy to have you 'over the pond' so to speak.

  6. Gorgeous pics again dear Mary. I bet you've got as many 'photo books' as I have!!!!!! And I have squillions.

    I'm looking forward to seeing you in your gorgeous red coat sometime soon!!



  7. I love re-vising travel photos and these are stunning.

  8. Too bad you won't be back this year, but good memories will stay forever...


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