Thursday, September 24, 2015

It's in the bag. . . . . . . . . . .

. . . . . . and these few items still on hangers that aren't packed will be 
keeping me comfy as once again I cross the pond tonight!
This is our third trip to Europe this year so will have spent time in Spring, Summer
 and now Autumn - each season bringing its particular beauty and weather. 
 BTW, the vintage blouse doesn't go - it's just the guest room window decoration.

Below is a map of the upcoming trip, We will be traveling the entire 
length of France with our usual group of wonderful friends
 Transportation will be on two river boats, the first one Paris and 
north to Normandy, second one from Dijon - mustard anyone? - then south to 
Provence. Connecting the two boat cruises we'll be taken by the high speed
TGV train from Paris to Dijon.
Sounds like rather a lot of unpacking and packing that bulging suitcase,
 but also some wonderful places to see along the waterways of the Seine,
 Saône and Rhône rivers.

Our trip doesn't end when we disembark in Arles. 
Bob and I will be taking a train westward to meet my brother and sister-in-law
who live in the vineyards corn merchant's house in a tiny Languedoc village 
near the historic walled city of Carcassonne. 

Early morning at my brother's house - Caunes Abbey in the background - 2008

Last there in Autumn 2008, we know what to expect. . . . . . all of it colorful,
 pastoral, historic and relaxing, with good food and excellent Languedoc wines.
 After visiting for a few days, the four of us take a train to Spain where we'll enjoy
 a few days in Barcelona, olé!

Will try to post along the way and share Autumn scenes from these lovely places.


  1. Bon voyage! Looking forward to your marvelous photos upon your return.

  2. I really like the sound of the river boat trips! Didn't know you could do things like that in France, Bon voyage!

  3. Happy Travels dear Mary. We are right behind you next week.

    1. Oh yes Gina - I was thinking about your trip and do send you and G very best wishes for a wonderful vacation. Stay safe and enjoy the lovely countries you travel through - camera at the ready!
      Mary -

  4. Have a marvelous trip, Mary. I'll look forward to seeing your always wonderful photos. Your trip sounds like a dream - would you mind sharing the river cruise company that you're using?
    Autumn in France is sure to be the stuff of enchantment. Bon voyage! (I'm off to meet a mutual friend for tea...)


    1. Attaching a link Lorrie where you should be able to see the trip itinerary - Avalon Waterways. None of our group has sailed with them previously but they do get good reviews and supposedly have the largest cabins. No balconies but cabins have entire glass window wall (called a French balcony usually) which slides open for fresh air/views/taking photos, and the beds are positioned so you have a view forward through the window rather than sideways like most ships' cabins. . . . . . . . all of which makes me smile! As far as food on board - can't imagine anything less than wonderful - after all we will be en France!!! As long as there's good cheese, baguettes and wine I'll be happy, LOL!
      Will let you know how it all goes later.
      Yes, you two will have a lovely tea time just as I did - cheers and hugs to you both - wish I could join you!
      Mary -

  5. Your trip sounds absolutely lovely Mary. Wishing you and your husband the best of times in France! Enjoy!

    Madelief x

    1. Thank you dear friend - I know you understand how lovely it is to travel through all countrysides, no matter which country!
      Hugs - happy Autumn days.
      Mary -

  6. Dear Mary - Have a wonderful, wonderful time - it sounds a really exciting, interesting trip, and you will see lots of wonderful things to photograph for us all to see.
    Thank you also for taking the time to comment so kindly on my post today which I do appreciate.
    Bon voyage and happy travels through France and beyond♡

  7. Mary, your trip is going to be fantastic. Wow, what a cruise! From tip to toe. Such wonderful destinations along the way and a perfect season to travel. Yes, bring back some vintage mustard crocks. We visited Beaune and Dijon several years ago. Wonderful area.
    Have a wonderful, safe trip! Will look for some photo updates as you meander you way across France.

  8. That sounds marvellous. I wish I was coming too!

  9. You're off on your travels again, Mary?! I'm very jealous. Love France - have a wonderful trip and I look forward to hearing all about it. TTFN.

  10. Have a nice and safe trip, can't wait for your phots...

  11. Have a fabulous time! I am looking forward to seeing you pictures and hearing all about it!

  12. Oh Mary, I'll be with you in spirit on both your river cruises, I never tire of the French countryside.

    The sight of that exquisite blouse simply takes my breath away. I'm a textile lover as you know and I particularly love the feminine clothes of the 1920's. This looks like a beautiful silk chiffon... Sigh!

    Bon Voyage - this has been a huge travel year for you both - have fun!
    Much love
    Shane ✈️

  13. You are visiting so many of my favorite places. How I wish I could stow away in your suitcase. Will you visit Carcasonne? Love Barcelona so much too.


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