Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Essential elements . . . . . . .

Perhaps I've mentioned before how, some years ago, I became smitten with the
 work of extraordinary Australian designer/stylist, Sibella Court. I first discovered 
her through her book etcetera found when browsing through Anthropolgie.
She is an amazing traveller/collector/historian who brings back elements, both as  
objects and perhaps more importantly, as memories, to translate into her personal
versions of unusual one-of-a-kind interiors.

Besides Sibella's stellar career with many of the world's best known retail giants 
and publications, she was the host of a TV program called Restoration Australia. 
She also has a shop, The Society Inc. in Sydney, Australia which, if I'm ever
 fortunate enough to return to 'the lucky country' for another visit, will be at the top 
of my places to visit list. I know I will spend hours looking through her 'oddities and curiosities.'
  Sibella has shared much of her fabulous global travels in several books. Different in 
their artistic format, they are beautiful to hold, making one anxious to turn the pages.
I have three of them - etcetera, The Life of a Bowerbird, and NOMAD. 
I never tire of looking through them, reading her words, and admiring her 
 brother Chris Court's stunning photography. The books themselves are pieces of art,
 the paper, type fonts, and the layout/design of each page.

Yes, Sibella is a vagabond. . . . . .the hunter, gatherer, traveler I'd most like 
to meet in person some day.
Anyway, look her up, read much more, and if you like to collect unusual elements to
 make your life interesting and creative, go here to Sibella's website where you can
 also visit her blog. Her posts are so interesting - recently she posted on her visit to
 Scotland with her father, and it's lovely.

I discovered a box of bits and bobs I'd tucked away and wondered what
Sibella would do with the contents. This little delicate piece of crochet work, 
still attached to its ball of cotton thread, was begging to be admired.
Looking around I found the perfect place, around the slender neck of my 
Santos cage doll.


  1. Mary....I have these books too! And I agree with all that you've said about them. They are gorgeous to hold (and to read)....I love Sibella's ideas, use of matte paper and wax paper thruout.....and her use of muted colour is divine. Your little 'assemblage' is beautiful too....Sibella would be honoured. (She would love to see this post I'm sure.)

    A few years back, I visited her little shop in Paddington, Sydney....which was a magical little bolt hole. Of course, I collected some 'treasure' from her shop for my collages...maybe I should do a post about them!

    And your 'cage dolls'.....divine Mary. I saw them in a very special antique shop in St. Germain. They were enchanting...are they Spanish?

    Anyway, lovely post darling Mary. Another set of 'inspire' books that I know you'd love are written by Kit Kemp....the interior designer who owns all the Firmdale hotels in London. Her interiors are out of this world. Staying in one of her hotels is like h.e.a.v.e.n! I'm about to purchase her 2nd book...."Every Room Tells a Story"....coming out in November.

    Chat again soon.



    1. Robyn - I did contact Sibella and her 'team' responded quickly with a thank you for the 'heads up' and an invitation to visit them in Sydney when/if I'm able to return! You should share your treasures - I'd love to see them!
      Yes, Kit Kemp does amazing hotels - I must look for her books.
      Thanks for your great comment.
      Mary -

  2. Dear Mary, you are a step ahead of me and as you know I live in Aus! They have just started showing the program Restoration Australia here, just had the second episode...really great. I am going to do a bit more delving now and thank you. I love what you have done with the piece of crochet...are you going to write a book too?? xx

  3. I've not heard of Sibella Court, but I'll be visiting her website after leaving this comment. What to do with the bits and pieces collected along life's journeys is a question for all of us. Love the unfinished bit of crochet around your santos' neck.

  4. I do remember you talking about her one time when we were at the screen door. I love the way you draped the crochet around your santos. I am heading to her site.

  5. Mary, Sibella is new to me, but you can be assured I'm going to pay attention now. Her books sound like just the kind of thing I could get lost in. I'm off to visit her site now. Thanks for introducing me to this fascinating lady.

  6. Mary, just testing here to see if my previous comment was lost.


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