Friday, September 4, 2015

South of France awaits Autumn -

Today my brother John wrote -------------- "The grapes look good, 
expectations are high. The vendange has started so the 
village is busy, busy."

This late Summer weekend heralds their village fête at the start of the harvest and,
 if anything like previous celebrations encountered on former visits, I know it will be 
one exciting and most enjoyable time for all. Wine is what makes the village tick - it's 
the lifeblood of the Languedoc region. French wines are excellent and will flow 
this weekend, together with music and dancing. 

This post will take you to my brother's village surrounded by vineyards and farmland. 
You will also get an early 'pumpkin fix' - and a recipe - they grow some beauties I 
assure you.
We visited in October of 2008 and are hoping to have beautiful weather and Autumn 
colors like this again when we arrive next month following a trip through other lovely 
areas of France.

All photos taken in October 2008 - Languedoc, France.


  1. Wonderful, Mary. I love France, though have yet to visit the Languedoc. Friends of ours are off there for about 6 weeks tomorrow - very jealous! Enjoy!

  2. John's words are like food for my soul!
    Wish I was there to enjoy their Autumn gifts.
    My daughter has been putting their garden to bed as the days begin to shorten.
    September/October is the best time in France - we did our canal trip at that time - it was magical!
    Bob will be looking forward to sampling the Reds I imagine!
    Shane x

  3. Oh, I can feel the warm sun and the soft air just reading John's words and looking at your photos. What a glorious time to visit the wine region of France.

  4. John's anticipation of a bountiful harvest of those gorgeous grapes and your beautiful photos of the region are a poignant reminder of the many grape harvests of our own village in Crete. This year, I will miss it, along with the people who create culinary wonders for the festivities in celebration of the Greek grape!

    Thanks for sharing, Mary. Have a wonderful labour day weekend!


  5. What a beautiful and stunning place. We have vine that has got bigger and bigger over the years and covers our pergola and now the side of the house and the garage. This year it is laden with grapes. I am not sure what they will taste like, but I think grape juice will have to be made to try it out (doubt if wine will be made). Have a wonderful weekend my friend xx

  6. I have fond memories of driving down that road. We bought one of those dusty soft orange pumpkins, cut it open, and brought home the seeds; but don't tell anyone. I was in love with that part of the world, in face still am. Have a totally amazing visit there. Oh Fall in southern France will be wonderful.

  7. So happy that you will be in France Mary. It is my favorite destination. Can hardly wait to return. The trip to Italy will be a new experience for us. Travel is so good for the soul. Your soul must be overflowing with good well and understanding.


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