Monday, September 14, 2015

The 'money cat'. . . . . . . . . .

I love cats but haven't had one of my own for a long, long time. 
My last feline friend was Tiny - a beautiful long-haired, bushy-tailed, part 
Maine Coon, who ruled lived in our home for twenty one years. We still miss her.

This is Nala, my neighbor Bob's big cat. 
She belonged to his daughter's college roommate. When she could no 
longer keep Nala at school, Bob was asked if he could take her for a little while. 
That time has lengthened into its second year but Bob doesn't seem to mind.
This weekend while he went out of town on a golfing trip I agreed to be the 
'kitty sitter', popping in to feed, water and scoop. I also handed out probably 
far too many treats - Ms. Nala really needs to start watching her waistline!

Nala, a calico, has beautiful coloring in her glossy fur, and her eyes are green.
Calico cat facts/genetics are really interesting - go HERE to read more.

I found her to be very shy with me, perhaps because I'm a stranger. 
Don't think she's used to having her portrait taken either - it was hard to get
 her to look up at the camera - but she was very sweet.

Folklore, in some cultures, says that calico cats, who are almost always female,
 bring good luck! Here in the US they are often referred to as money cats - perhaps 
I need a new feline friend of my own!
I know some of you share your home with beautiful cats.
Does anyone have a sweet calico girl?

Before I close, I also have to show you the cats I met on Sunday afternoon.
These are farm cats. They live at my favorite country place to visit when 
preparing to decorate with some Autumn colors.
More on the Johnson's Farm soon - it was a perfect day weather wise for a 
visit. We'll be leaving on a trip soon and I felt the need to buy my pumpkins 
early. I'll store them in a cool place and have them waiting for me when I get 
home. By then I'll be ready to do a little seasonal decorating around the cottage.

This was definitely a weekend full of cats for me.


  1. I only found out last year through a blog post that calicos are female. Very interesting. I've never heard them referred to as money cats. Why is that? I fed one little feral kitty at the garden this morning. She's very pretty and shy but she now knows I'm the lady with food. :)

  2. Every weekend is full of cats for me, Mary. Nuala is a pretty one and I'm not surprised to see her a little over-weight. It's very common in that type of cat. We had a beautiful calico named Patches who lived for 18 years. We found her at our backdoor one day, thin and needy. She was a very smart, sensitive and loving feline but no one(except me) could move her from a chosen resting place. She would bite the hand that tried. She knew where her bread was buttered :) and it wasn't long before she was round and content.

  3. I've never owned a cat but I think they are such pretty animals. I like the coloring on Nuala. I didn't realize that most calico cats are female. How interesting.
    Smart idea to stock up on the pumpkins before your next trip.

  4. I am allergic to cat dander, so I stay away from them. They are beautiful animals though.

  5. I did not know that calicos are almost always female. How interesting. I wonder how black cats became associated with Halloween and the superstition about not letting one cross your path. They're really quite stunning. I love white pumpkins. Your post has me ready to go to the pumpkin farm, Mary! xo ~ Nancy

  6. Hi Mary
    How are you? I am sitting in my sunroom with the windows open enjoying this beautiful day and having a cup of tea and thought it would be a good time to visit some of my longtime blog friends. I am a cat lover, but we don't have any cats anymore. Grandson and son in law are allergic. Oh how I miss my kitties. We have always had an orange tabby and have also had 2 calicos, Patches and Cleo. Hope you are enjoying this beautiful fall day! Hugs, Rhondi

  7. Cats aren't my favourite pet at all and we've never owned one but we are often relegated to cat sit our son and daughter in law's cat along with their 3 dogs. She's a sweet kitty that spends her time outdoors. If she's in the house when we go there she will find a way to escape through the door! The photo of the black cat and pumpkins is perfect for fall. I hope you have a nice week. Hugs. Pam

  8. Cute kitty! All I've got is one little griffon pup....who completely rules us Mary! But his 'cuteness factor' is so high we really don't mind. Maybe I should do a post on him! He just loves being the centre of attention!

    Good luck with those pumpkins Mary.



  9. What a beautiful cat ! I so enjoyed the photos, we lost our cat awhile back, and have not taken a new one for now, but oh I do miss that personality and purring. lidy

  10. Mary, I've not heard of calico cats being called money cats. Nuala is a beauty. I'm fond of calicos and had one as a young child. A close friend has a calico that is as pretty as Nuala. Something very special about a calico for sure.

  11. I always wanted a calico cat, but ended up with marmalade cats instead. They are all so sweet.


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