Friday, April 29, 2016

Travel views from the guest room. . . . . . . . . .

 It was rather late last night when I took these photos in the guest room.
In fact, I was lounging on the bed with my phone close by, looking about
 and thinking of all I'd done during the day to prepare for our upcoming trip.
 I'd brought out the trusty collapsible clothes rack, set it up and hung clothes
 I'd like to take but gradually editing. Actually very few clothes for this journey
 because I'm limited to one small piece of luggage and a backpack.
 I then did a dry run to see if, for this casual but lengthy trip, I could get
 everything into a small 21" (carryon size) suitcase! 
Yikes, it won't be easy, but it will be much better when it comes to traveling
 the length and breadth of IRELAND's countryside. . . . . on trains, buses, 
or with a private driver, for three long weeks!
Car rental in Ireland is not kind - or even available to some travelers for those
 of us who have reached the golden years - and driving those narrow winding
 roads on the wrong other side is something we no longer enjoy.

I rarely take photos with my phone. For some reason these came out
surprisingly clear even under chandelier lighting, so I thought I'd use them to
get started and share my journey back across the pond yet again.

Love this vintage secretary purchased several years ago, already painted,
 from SuzAnna's Antiques. . . . . .it stores a lot of my travel odds and ends.

Here's 'the rack', my favorite way to organize packing. . . . . . later I'll share better
 photos of the actual really minuscule pile of clothes I'm taking. Don't be shocked by the
 jeans you can just see hanging here. I never travel with jeans however this time
 I will, and I'll tell you why!

Close to midnight on the clock! Must away and forget the consternation  
of packing. There may have to be several dry runs for this trip. 
I'll update later - we leave in less than two weeks.
Travel to green, gorgeous, and often wet IRELAND - my first time there.
A challenge for sure, but very worthwhile I hope.


  1. Have a wonderful time! I will be calling on your travel expertise when we finally go to England and France - sometime in the next year!


  2. Oh, I can tell you are a seasoned traveler by your packing skills. My daughters and I dragged two suitcases each for three weeks around Europe. I was in fact tossing new clothing, shoes and toiletries from my luggage, didn't buy anything and it still didn't get lighter. I finally figured out the luggage was also too heavy. And yet, I never learn. I've always wanted to go to Ireland. Heard of its beauty. Can't wait to see through your photos.

  3. I look forward to seeing the winnowed collection for this trip, Mary. You are, indeed, inspiring with the way you pack and organise. I didn't know that car rental in Ireland was restricted according to age - interesting!

  4. I find it very liberating to travel light and it is surprising how much you can actually get in those little carryon cases - you can always rinse out the smalls. I always used to take my own hair dryer, but no longer, everywhere seems to have them these days, and if they don't well you can just run your fingers through your hair and let it dry naturally.
    You should get to see the whole of Ireland in 3 weeks. There are so many lovely places to visit, but one of my favourites is the Giant's Causeway.

  5. I think auditioning your wardrobe the way you do before a trip is a brilliant plan. I'm beginning to think about what I want to take on our trip in a couple of months - and it has to fit into a carry-on piece as well. Enjoy the preparations and anticipation. Ireland will be beautiful.

  6. I hear Ireland is so beautiful! I am looking forward to "going on" this trip with you via your posts.

  7. Mary, you are off again. I'm so excited for you. I've not traveled to Ireland either. Now I'll get to see it through your exquisite eye. ;-)
    Have fun packing. Safe travels.

  8. I'm anticipating seeing the pics of your trip. I enjoy packing light and want to see what you end up taking.

  9. I do have my clothes set aside, but haven't tried to see if them fit in my suitcase. I am still fluctuating about my big camera or just the point and shoot. Sometimes I say I will regret if I don't take it, but it is heavy and not sure I want heavy. We leave in one week. I keep hearing weather is cold and wet, so dug out a raincoat I haven't worn for several years. I think you are ahead of me on the packing. I just know you will have a terrific trip.

  10. Years ago I found a great "travel clothes" list on the inept.... somewhere!
    I printed it off and it is invaluable. Very basic pieces jazzed up with pashminas & jewellery for evenings. Works for me!
    One case is manageable and it must be "carry on" for me as I'm often travelling on my own.
    The long hauls are hard enough without the added stress of lost luggage!
    Love seeing what you pack Mary dear!
    My husband is the extreme of economical packers - if he needs more when we're away - he will buy it!
    I'm a discerning buyer and I've often found the items I've bought when I'm away, just don't work when I'm back home - I've learnt the hard way!

  11. When are you going to ireland? I have the most wonderful memories of that place! I think all the time about coming back one day...

  12. What? Wait! your fist time there? Iknow you will have a lovely time.

    Love your system of decluttering for the trip. You've made Marie Kondo proud! :)


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