Saturday, June 3, 2017

Coming to a place near me. . . . . . .

Retail news! We've just heard definite plans are now in place and we'll be getting
 our very own IKEA store. . . . . just a ten minute drive from the house!  
Good and bad. . . . . as those of you who frequent this always fun place to shop already know! 
These photos are from the Charlotte, North Carolina store, currently the closest one
 to us, which opened a few years ago, but it really requires an overnight in that city if
 we head there to shop as it's a three hour drive each way. Fortunately we
 do have lovely friends to visit there so can make a weekend of it.
It will be a big build, a free-standing store, and is not expected to open until mid-2020.
 I may just start a little savings account titled Future IKEA Treats  - and be ready
 for a fun day shopping with a special person! 
Nothing like planning for the future. . . . . . .and some sharing some Scandinavian
 delicacies when shopping with my dear Swedish neighbor!

Photos taken on my last IKEA (Charlotte) visit in March.
I'm considering some kitchen changes later this year, perhaps! 
I would love these grey cabinets but don't want all the upheaval and huge
 expense of new. Just may have mine painted this color . . . . . . or I may decide
on warm cream cabinets with a dark grey island. Who knows, the future is so
unpredictable - in more ways than one - but it's good to have plans and ideas 
to play around with!


  1. We go to the one in Charlotte when we visit our son there. Love their inexpensive white with red striped dish towels.

  2. We were very happy when we lived in Northern NJ and the IKEA opened in NJ but about an hour or so away .. the parking lots alone take up acres of land.
    Penny, I grew up in Charlotte ... :)

  3. My entire bedroom and many other items in my flat are from IKEA. We've been having our very own IkEA (with its own bus stop) on the outskirts of town for decades, and it is my choice No. 1 whenever I need (or think I need) something for the kitchen or the flat in general. Always suits my budget, and I've only ever met real friendly staff there. Also, I LOVE setting up the furniture on my own, it is so much fun!

  4. How I'd love to have an Ikea store nearby. We are getting a large grocery store opening in 2019 probably. That's pretty big news for us considering we have such a small store now.

  5. I have ordered online, but never shopped in an Ikea since the nearest one is Dallas. From hearing about it, maybe that's a good thing.

  6. The nearest IKEA is on the mainland - a very expensive shopping trip with hours of ferry queues and sailing. IKEA is always a stop on any trip across the water. I think I would have a new kitchen were there an IKEA on the Island!

  7. We have had a few Ikea stores near us for years ..... I think I'm Ikead out Mary !!!! But that's only because I've overdosed on it !!! XXXX

  8. Along with a group of teacher/staff friends from the school, I went to Ikea just last weekend! It was an all-day trip that included a ferry ride. I'd LOVE to have an Ikea close by. But it could be dangerous! Their displays are always so inspirational, aren't they? Laughed at the idea (it's a good one) of an Ikea savings account.

  9. Now you know how close IKEA is to my house and I rarely go. It is overwhelming to me. But when I do need pillows for my bed I brake down and visit there. Then I come home with a few other things beside. Enjoy!

  10. Ha, you are the only person I know (other than myself) who takes photos of the inside of store displays. I love it and, YES, that kitchen with its greys looks fantastic. You WILL enjoy..come 2020! Your Kitchen will be even more ready for sprucing up by then, if still there.


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