Saturday, June 10, 2017

Good garden friends. . . . . . . .

It's been a while since I've seen chipmunk activity in the garden. 
This little cutie showed up a few days ago rustling about under the front
 garden feeder, picking up fallen sunflower seeds. . . . . . .along with
 Mrs. Cardinal whom you can see stuffing her beak with seeds. 
They apparently are friendly toward one another, remaining long 
enough for me to grab the camera and take a few shots from the
dining room window.

Rain last week brought a growth spurt in the garden. A couple of years back
 a chipmunk was living in a burrow under the plant to the left of the birdbath - perhaps
 this is same one!
I've also seen it out here in back, again picking up seeds under the feeders.

Loving the cheery look on this little cutie as he/she holds that seed with those
 tiny sharp claws. . . . . . .wildlife such as these delightful creatures are 
always welcome in my garden.

Happy weekend dear readers - hope it's lovely weather where you are.
 We spent several hours working in the garden yesterday as the temperature
 was pleasant - now it's heading back up in the 90's for the week ahead - much
 too warm for me!


  1. Looks wonderful there. We don't have chipmunks here, but wish we did. The squirrels come for their pecans and look in the windows for me. The animals do all seem to get along except for one bird mother and a squirrel that came too close to her house.

  2. What a cute chipmunk! I have been watching squirrels out my window. We will be in the low 80's this weekend.

    1. I wish I lived in your mountains Penny - cool air makes me so much more productive and active - this week is going to be a killer here!
      Mary x

  3. Now if you could only send up about 10 degrees of your hot weather I would be a happy girl. Rather cool and rainy here. I do love the cuteness of chipmunks. I took a fun picture in Bryce National Park of a curious chipmunk checking out my tea time with a view. I will post it this week on my blog, probably on Tuesday.

  4. At 8:00 am here on Sunday morning, it's already 100 F. Ugh! Such sweet photos of the chipmunk and the bird together. Your yard and garden is looking so lush. I'm really gonna miss seeing green this summer since I'm not traveling to the States this year.


    1. Tammy, you do have to contend with such heat - and dust - so sorry you won't be over this Summer for a jolt of green - I'll have to send you pix!!!
      Almost 11 AM here - already 82F and will head into 90's by afternoon - summer has arrived methinks!
      Mary -

  5. Aw...that's a cute one for sure, Mary. I love the shot of him/her standing up by the pot. I hope it stays around and gets to know you. I have some fun with Simon calling him from his den. He'll pop his head out and look to see if I have left him a treat. lol I have yet to get him to eat from my hand, though. We are getting the 'too hot to garden' weather the last few days, too. I'm not complaining though after all the rain we had. Enjoy your beautiful yard.

  6. Ah, Mrs Cardinal and Mr Chipmonk - what a heart-warming combination. Lovely to see the shots of your beautiful garden too.

  7. So cute those lil' garden buddies. It's 85 here today but feels more like the lower 70s as we have a lovely cooling breeze and of course, it's not humid so that always helps. Next week promises to be a scorcher though but still dry...thank goodness!


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