Sunday, June 18, 2017

A road trip - away, but not for long. . . . . . . .

Father's Day
Bob and I will be remembering our dads today. . . . . .even though we've been
 without them for quite a while now. They were great men who helped mold us
 into the people we are today. . . . . . . . true hands on, always there for us fathers,
 who made raising their children a priority even when times were tough, and they
 often were. Strict yes, but good, down to earth, hard working, respectful to our
equally wonderful mothers, loving and caring men.
Our dads only met once when mine visited the US from England back in
 the 1970's. They hit it off immediately and enjoyed their time together.

Before leaving home this weekend I was busy doing some late Spring cleaning
around the cottage. Washing china, dusting and polishing woodwork and
 moving things around a bit. I'll share the changes with you later.

We're on an impromptu road trip for a few days - something Bob wanted to do for a while.
Taking different back roads west, visiting several North Carolina counties we've
 somehow missed over the years. . . . . . . . . . .but we'll be back soon.

. . . . . . .there's no place like it!


  1. Sounds delightful to me! Have a wonderful time meandering... (How fun that the fathers met and enjoyed one another's company.)

  2. Bob and you were very blessed to have loving fathers. Your road trip sounds delightful to me. I love traveling back roads. Your vignettes are lovely, Mary. I'm intrigued by the stack of books with the open book of folded pages on top. Very charming. xo

  3. Enjoy your trip.It's so nice to be able to just drive somewhere. One of the disadvantages of living on an island is that you can't do that and taking a trip ends up costing a mini-fortune.

  4. Olá, votos para que a viagem seja boa e bem aproveitada no que mais desejar.
    Feliz semana e ferias,

  5. Father's Day was in May here in Germany. In my family, we do not do anything special that day. But I am very glad to have my Dad still around, although his health has been declining for years now and we all miss the tireless walker, hiker, gardener and hobby ornithologist he used to be. Most of what I know about nature I know from my Dad.

  6. My kind of trip Mary. Have fun and be safe. Looking forward to your photos.

  7. Lovely Mary! Have a nice trip...Some beautiful pictures too, your home is like an DREAM!
    Warm hug from Titti

  8. How I love that transferware covered dish. I have been tempted to add them to my "cottage", but no where to put them. I will admire and droll over yours.

  9. Your tribute to your Dads is so lovely. how wonderful to have such a legacy passed on. WOW! the fact tehy met too is pretty amazing too.


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