Thursday, June 22, 2017

Signs of the summer home. . . . . . . . .

We recently gained a new store in town. 
I've seen bloggers from across the country mention Hobby Lobby Arts & Crafts
 over the past years but I'd never visited one.
A few days ago I was looking for some summer greenery for the dining room 
 and had heard this store had a great selection of faux florals etc.
My two vintage iron containers needed something green and airy which wouldn't
 require direct light or constant watering, but would add a touch of color. . . . so
faux was the way to go for a little summer oomph!

I found two small ferns in tiny pots which I've transferred to larger white china pots
 I already had. I bought one spray of the trailing greenery which 
 is quite pretty - cut it up and divided it between the two pots. I quite like the cool
 feel of this look with the two inverted antique Victorian flower baskets. . . . . . but
I may move them around later as they do take up a lot of space and will need to
 be moved when we eat here.

Hobby Lobby is quite a place - especially if you're into crafting and signs!
They do have a huge amount of merchandise and I only skimmed the surface,
 but I did notice signs. . . . . . . . . . more signs than I've ever seen. . . . 
and several caught my eye.

This simple quote I would love to look at often - I may have to go back for this one.
Being a world traveler, off to often new and unexpected places, 
I agree that coming home is more than special.
I love this short quote on bold painted wood.
I thought of my blog friend Donna which I saw this pillow - her blog titled GATHER is one
of my favorites.  Donna, you need this!

. . . . . and there were a few lovely framed prints that caught my eye - such as this
 one of the dilapidated farmhouse and barn. If I had somewhere to hang it I would
 definitely have brought this home. Perhaps can make a space for it, just thinking!


  1. Mary, did you know HL is based in Oklahoma? They are always up on the latest trends. There is an app on the iPhone you can download for 40% off any item and you can use it once per day. The Green's, the owners, are the ones that wanted the supreme court to strike down the law making them pay for birth control for employees. Oh well, I still shop there.

  2. The greenery looks pretty on your table. I love your linens too.

  3. I have a weakness for dilapidated farmhouses and barns. Love your greenery. You should see Hobby Lobby at Christmas time Mary. Amazing finds.

  4. That's a great picture; you may just think of a spot... Oh I do like what you have done with the greenery...looks real as can be to me.

  5. Fluffing the nest from time does bring us JOY. Thanks for all you share and all the fluffing you do.

  6. It's all looking great and peaceful, as always, Mary. Lovely!

    We love going to Hobby Lobby btw..and when you go, be sure to download their online coupon. Every week they have one for 40% off one non sale item which really can save you a lot. We use it all the time, especially with xmas lights and furniture. In fact, if we both go, we each download the ad.

  7. Oh, I see that other chap mentioned the coupon. With that, they are closed on Sundays btw, which I think is great since while it's inconvenient for me and others, it's wonderful for the employees to ensure they get at least one day off with their family, most of who also don;t work weekends. they also pay way above minimum wage even for the lowest entry level position as they truly care about their employees, regardless.

  8. Isn't it fun to play around with summery arrangements? There is no Hobby Lobby here, so it is a must-visit whenever we head south of the border. I can easily spend an hour or two in the store and rarely leave empty-handed!

  9. Lovely to see shots of your house and to note you are also a lover of the chandelier, Mary. Your fern arrangements look beautiful, and those Victorian baskets are so unique and interesting. Hobby Lobby sounds like my kind of shop too.
    PS thank you for your lovely comments on my blog.

  10. So glad to see Hobby Lobby has come your way. It is definitely a great place to peruse. One opened in our neighborhood last year and while I don't get over there very often, it is always very busy when I do. Wait till holiday season comes around . . . they go all out with the holiday merchandise. But I think I prefer it other times during the year. They do have many interesting things you don't find in other stores.

  11. Your dining room is how you decorate and arrange things. Looks straight out of a french country chic magazine. I have a Hobby Lobby 10 minutes away. I only stop in if I'm looking for something for my home such as a certain type of basket or home decor item. I bought a pretty lamp there on clearance not too long ago. I don't do crafting, so don't shop that part of the store.

  12. Oh, how I love your step-back. :)

  13. Your summer touches are so pretty, Mary. I like the airiness of the faux plants on your table. The barn print would make a great addition to many spaces. We don't have Hobby Lobby here, but your purchases make me wish they were.


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