Friday, June 2, 2017

Sicily - Luncheon at the olive oil farm. . . . . . . .

May 7, 2017 - Baglio Fontanasalsa, Trapani, Sicily

"I miei Ospiti sono i miei Amici". . . . . . . . "All Guests are my Friends" 

With these words, Marika Burgarella welcomed us to her "Baglio", a typica
Sicilian antique structure from the late 1700's, where tradition and culture
ensures a visit will be a most pleasant one. Tastings of the farm's products
 introduced us to the world of delicious Sicilian olive oil, wine and honey.

After leaving the hillside town of Erice, a short drive through the wildflower carpeted countryside brought us here. . . . . . . . . 

I was thrilled at this sight - an attractive dining area in one of the old barns
 on the property - already set up for our lunch following a short tour through
 the olive oil processing area with a tasting in the courtyard.

The lunch was amazing and served buffet style - so many fabulous dishes of 
appetizers, vegetables, salads, and then bowls of steaming pasta with wonderful
 sauces were brought out.

This was the fresh homemade pasta, a lady was actually rolling it right in the dining room
 and it was then cooked for our meal - I loved how it was formed, and it tasted so good.

OK, don't laugh, or gasp in horror, we are definitely not accomplished dancers!
 We were coerced by the lovely singing guitarist Irene into getting up on our
 feet - by then somewhat unsteady from the free flowing wine served with lunch. 
Nobody else would dance so we made fools of ourselves but had 
a really good time. . . . . . and thankfully didn't fall over!
Children, grandchildren - this is what we old folks get up to when out of 
your sight!!!!

Later, in the attractive courtyard under an arbor, we were served gelato and Sicilian 
Marsala wine - I admit to pouring my sweet wine over the little bowl of gelato - it was the
 perfect final touch to a memorable lunch.

Ahhh, lovely Sicily, what treasures hide behind your  ancient walls.


  1. Loved this post Mary - this is what travel is all about - new shared experiences, food, fun, adventures, and lots of happiness flowing out from your glorious pictures. What a wonderful and memorable visit to such a beautiful place.

    1. Yes I'm in agreement Rosemary - one must make the most of time when on such trips as there may never be another chance to visit. We felt somewhat silly being the only ones who danced but looking back we're glad we did it - and of course will blame it on the excellent Sicilian wine. . . . . . . . and food, it was all so good!
      Mary -

  2. How wonderful that you danced!! I would have, too - no matter whether the others joined in or not, it was their loss!
    The baglio looks beautiful, but what was wrong with the oranges in the second picture from the top? It looks as if they have a disease.

    1. I think the oranges were just left too long and should perhaps have been picked - I thought the colors were amazing though, the dusty green of the leaves with the burnished shades of orange. You should know me by now--------always looking for something out of the ordinary, haha!
      Mary -

  3. I would not have been able to get my husband to come home ! lol ... what a wonderful time you had :)

  4. Oh my! that lunch looked amazing! I loved seeing you and Bob dance!

  5. Ahhhh! What can I say! This looks like the most wonderful stop in your adventure. I love everything about it, including the dancing. That buffet looks amazing! Oh the sights and colors of your trip are truly amazing.

  6. Such wonderful hospitality and such a gorgeous location. Everything is so beautiful. Free flowing wine and fresh pasta ... yum!

  7. Being there must be like walking through a fantasy world...glorious colors, smells, music! Each photo looks like inspiration for a painting! Wow!

  8. How incredibly beautiful...and the food sounds so amazing. I applaud you and your husband for getting up to dance - that's awesome!

  9. So loved seeing your lunch & dancing we would have done the same, maybe we English are not such fuddy duddy oldies after all. Really loving this selection of posts. You are making me want to book up a trip right now.

  10. My mouth is watering. At the pasta, not the dancing but kudos to you two! :) You woulnd;t catch me dead doing it. OK, I say that but some newer freinds are begging us to go barnyard dancing. UGH! haha. I think yours looks far more fun though with all that good nosh to enjoy before and afterwards.


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