Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Getting away from it all. . . . . . . . . . .

. . . . . . and what could be better than a road trip, a mystery trip!
Pack a bag for a couple of nights, secure the cottage, jump in the car and
head west (or east, even south or north), and discover new places one
has missed before. No time constraints, no deadlines, no reservations, just an old
fashioned road trip. . . . . . . drive on, stop when you want to admire a view, watch
a waterfall tumble from high above, listen to a mountain stream make music
 trickling over its rocky granite bed as a whistling hawk circles overhead.

Spectacular places within a day's driving distance of home, even more beautiful
 than expected. June weather was perfect, cooler in the western part of the state
 than here. Warm, sunny, with amazing cloud formations and just two light five
 minute showers to rinse and freshen the greenery. . . . . . . . . and native
 rhododendrons bursting into bloom along the mountain roads then nosediving
 en masse to the valley floors far below.

Bridal Veil Falls, Nantahala National Forest, Highlands, North Carolina

A road trip can take you to places you will never see up close any other way.
There are 100 counties in North Carolina and we have now visited every one.
We drove almost 900 miles over the weekend. . . . . . .it was really lovely viewing 
our beautiful state dressed for Spring.

How do you feel about getting out on the open road?  
Do you enjoy 'getting away from it all' and seeing the countryside in your
close to home area?


  1. Sounds like a wonderful time. I have been to most of the places you showed here today!

    1. I wish I'd known where we were actually going so we could have perhaps met up on Sat. Bob had his little secret list made so that we would hit all our 'missing counties' - as it was his Father's Day mystery trip I just went with the flow!!!! We didn't even get to Asheville this time - I missed that - but will try to come back in the fall for sure -
      Mary x

  2. Beautiful pictures, Mary. I was born and raised there. A lot of new residents and tourists flowing into the area now, adding a stream of new money. I only hope that some of that money will trickle down into the pockets of extreme poverty that still remain. I had to move my mother further south so I could take care of her in her old age, but she always longed to go back to her beloved mountains, and I took her while she could still travel.

    1. I've never really longed for a "place". That must have been hard for both of you. So glad you were able to take her back.

  3. Gorgeous pics. I've never been to the Carolina's but they are on my list.

  4. Even road trips... You were made to travel Mary.

  5. Beautiful...

  6. What lush greenery. I miss it. Already counting the days to autumn.

  7. An enchanted and enchanting trip, and your words and pictures taking us right along - thank you!
    Dressed for spring? It looks very summery to me already!
    As for road trips, I like them - as long as they take me somewhere where I can actually explore the beautiful countryside on my own two feet. But that is not always possible, so driving through is the next best thing.

    1. Meike, you would be in heaven there - so many hiking trails up through the mountains to places with exceptional scenery and views!
      We did get out and do short walks around the waterfalls etc. but had a lot of ground cover to see all those counties we were missing - actually drove almost 900 miles over the weekend!
      Mary -

  8. Hi Mary,

    My husband and I adore road trips.We do them all of the time in the US and have also taken off on our own in. Great Britian, France and Italy.
    In the winter we live in North Texas but drive to North Carolina once a year to see out daughter in Charlotte. What a lush beautiful state. Summers will find us in our log house in the Colorado Mountains.

  9. Dear Mary, Beautiful photos of the mountain scenery you visited. It occurred to me that you would come back all refreshed and healthy having taken in all that oxygen produced by so many wonderful trees.
    I love road trips. Even little Sunday drives are great. Whenever you don't have to deal with airports, it's a plus.

  10. Lovely! What wonderful adventures we can find close to home. Jim and I will do that next week, heading north. Familiar roads, but always wonderful to see with each season.

  11. Wow, with 900 miles you coudl have driven the entire length of Britain! Isn't that amazing? I had no idea there were so many counties and the fact you've seen them all probably puts you into a company of only a few. Well done. The scenes you've captured here are incredible, especially that 2nd one. "native rhododendrons bursting into bloom along the mountain roads" is such a spectacle and thought too. how lovely. So glad you went. Sometimes staying local is a lot less taxing, isn't it?


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