Sunday, November 19, 2017

Sunday Memories - Cockington Parish. . . . . . . . .

Autumn Sundays. . . . . . . . . and today my thoughts go to this little church of 
St. George and St. Mary - the tower is the oldest part 1210-1230 -
 close to my old English childhood home.  Above is a postcard of a watercolor
 I enjoy. . . . . . below is a photo I took of the church on an October day when
 visiting some years back. 
I've no plans right now for a visit but have decided it will most
likely be in an early Autumn, my favorite time to be at home.

I hope you are enjoying a lovely Sunday.


  1. Hi Mary :) That watercolour is beautiful. I'm glad you're enjoying your Sunday! I am too, we are in a blizzard and I'm warm and cozy inside watching it! :)

  2. What a beautiful church! Loved the watercolor postcard of it. Hope you get to visit at home again soon.

  3. It looks like such a pretty, peaceful place.

  4. A beautiful country church in your hometown. Making plans is especially pleasant on an autumn day. It’s windy and cool here with dark skies...would love to plan for September or October 2018...

  5. Wishing you a wonderful Sunday as well, Mary!

    Jane x

  6. Beautiful place Mary. Kent and I are wishing you and Bob a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  7. What a beautiful painting and photo, Mary. So English. The structure of the church is exactly like the one where my mother is buried except, in typical Norfolk fashion, the walls are made up of mortar adn broken chunks of split flint rock.

    I was so glad last year when living back in the UK that we got to be there for Autumn--my first time experiencing that time of year in so long. I love Autumn there too but I think b/c of the flowers, Spring is great too but then again, not wild about rain every day either. So, yes, Autumn is it!

    Have you ever thought about jsut how many more trips back "home" you might make? Now that my mother is dead and my dear Aunt, I don't feel as much pressure as i know my sister there (10 years older) could well travel out here to visit and now with her husband has the means more than we do really anyway. Still, as you so know, nothing replaces that sense of one's childhood/young adult sense of home like being back there.

    There are, however, soooo many other places i would love to see before I Italy, Norway, NZ, etc.

  8. Beautiful, Mary! Hoping some day in the future you can visit again in Fall/Autumn.

  9. Such a beautiful postcard! I love autumn, too. Sunday was nice and cosy here, with a brisk walk in the afternoon while the sun was still out, and then having my newly moved-in upstairs neighbours for coffee and cake.

  10. Its so pretty. I wish I could go visit there someday. Have a wonderful week.


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