Wednesday, June 2, 2010

The Adventure Begins................

Flying high in blue
Below white waves pound onward
Toward Africa

May 13 at JFK I met up with sisters Paula and Jen who flew in from San Francisco - we enjoyed supper and an early night at a hotel. Awakened on a bright, sunny New York morning, we three then boarded a huge South African Airways jet, made ourselves comfortable in Business Class (heaven for long hauls) and headed to Johannesburg.  The expected refuelling stop in Senegal didn't happen - apparently now only required on flights originating from Washington, D.C. - so flight was a non-stop 14 hours.

Our fourth adventurer, sweet Babs, arrived from England and we met up within an hour of landing, around 8:00 AM, and headed over to our airport hotel.
Paula, Jen, Babs and Mary ~ ready for a grand safari adventure!

Rather than go into downtown Jo-burg, we had lunch and looked around the Emperor's Palace and Casino/hotel complex.  Similar to a mini Las Vegas, especially the interior complete with painted Venetian ceiling and David (you are just getting his cute rear here!).

Outside in the gardens is this beautiful statue sculpted in Arizona.

Needless to say, this was our last exposure to ordinary life for a while...............come back for my next post and see how we arrived at our first bush camp in quite unexpected style!


  1. I'm hoping to see some big cats while here in California this week on business. But, unless they are prowling the streets of downtown Sacramento I don't believe I will have much luck. I guess I will have to wait until I get home to see my own!

    Your loving DH Bob

  2. I am so looking forward to your adventures!! All four of you look so happy!

    Your package is going out this week! :-)


  3. Business class! You are right that is the best way to travel on overseas flights. Looks like the adventure begins beautifully. I can't wait to see more..

  4. Thank you so much, Mary, for sharing this fabulous trip.

  5. Don't you just love waiting to board your flight for a trip such as this? I can always barely contain my delight sitting there listening for my flight to be called!

  6. Can't wait. Love seeing all four of the gals together.

  7. It looks as if you ladies got off on a great start. I'll be here for every episode.

    I love Bob's comment to you. Too sweet.

  8. WOOHOO I am going to LOVE this....

  9. I'm so glad you are home! The sky in your photos is so pretty!

  10. Looking forward to more pics, Mary ... and the journal ... nice blog

  11. Oh you are a tease!! ;) I cannot wait for more!
    Hugs, Lisa

  12. The four of you look ready for your big adventure! The sky is such a magnificent blue! You will definitely keep us looking for more photos from this once in a lifetime trip!!
    Take Care & glad you're home!


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