Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Bush breakfast day................

The early morning wake up call..........groggy and still tired, roll out of the oh so comfy bed, splash water on the face.  Knock on the door and a smiling lady enters with coffee, tea, dipping snacks.  Pull on bush clothes, grab bug spray (only got one mosquito bite during my entire safari, yeah!), shower waits until return from morning game drive.  Swig the coffee, grab the cameras, bush hat, scarf - mornings chilly - off we go.

This leopard was not invited to attend our 'bush breakfast'.............we caught up with her later that morning!

The previous evening we were asked what we'd like our picnic basket to hold.  There it was waiting in the back seat and, at 6:30 AM, we were wrapped in warm blankets and on the trail to a dry sandy river bed. Gordon, our guide, checked the area which was open and safe (well that's what we hoped!), set up a table, poured the tea and coffee, and in no time we were devouring fresh baked croissants and fruit muffins, hard boiled eggs, fruit, yogurt and gets such an appetite in the fresh air.

Notice ladies, real plates and silverware too!

Gordon, Jen and Paula chowing down!

That's the 'bush toilet' in the background, behind the large rock, which of course Gordon also checked out first! He did find lion and elephant tracks - and now as I'm writing this I'm thinking how the heck was I brave enough to get out of the vehicle, actually woof down and thoroughly enjoy that food, and then take a walk to the loo behind that rock when who knows what could have been watching me or my back----!!!!  Somehow I became fearless on safari - guess I just decided to enjoy it all no matter what because it could have been my one and only chance!

Unfortunately Babs missed this exciting early morning game drive.  She came down with a bronchial infection and we thought the chilly air would not be good for her.  She also stayed behind a few other times because we needed her to be well to make the long flight home later in the week..........although, in all honesty, I was almost hoping we could stay longer while getting her healthy again!  Who would actually want to leave this special place?

We packed up and headed off on the trail.  Baboons were very active in the surrounding trees and often it was difficult to get good shots as they are quick, swinging through the branches, chattering noisily.........

...........however this guy sat still for a while pondering the ups and downs of life in the bush no doubt..............

.......and was then joined by his affectionate lady.

Speaking of ladies, this young female leopard was gorgeous. 

She came so close, crossing in front of us - that's the steering wheel of our Land Rover - walking quietly across the trail.......

...................we went off road, following her through the bush.  She often stopped and we were able to get some great shots - love those whiskers and eyelashes.

After a while she, like us, was getting tired.  We left her resting in the grass and we moved on to other pursuits.

For great photos of the handsome young male leopard seen earlier on my safari trip in Botswana, go here


  1. Mary ~ As I was enjoying my own breakfast, I noticed your most recent posting! Again, wonderful photos and reminiscences of your safari. I love how you combined the breakfast shots with those of the handsome tigers and baboons. Thank you again ~ I am ready to contact Mala Mala to plan our own safari! Cassandra ♥

  2. This whole safari just keeps getting better and better Mary! What beautiful photos.

  3. What a shame your friend suucmbed to a virus and missed all those wonderful sights...and the breakfast too!

  4. Mary,
    I'm gobsmacked!(Hateful term, but I am!)

  5. Fantastic photos, Mary. I don't understand why the animals are not afraid, or on the other hand, aggressive, when they come so close the the vehicle. I don't know that I would be as brave as you.


  6. The more I see of this safari, the more fearless I think you are!! The leopard is beautiful though and your breakfast sounded lovely!


  7. I truly don't believe anyone has ever had a better holiday than this one!
    Keep the posts coming forever!!

  8. You sure are fearless! What an adventure! Carla

  9. Wow! It reminds me of "Out of Africa" that elegant picnic basket.
    Gorgerous photos of wild life what a wonderful experience.
    Pamela xo

  10. Your safari was just all your photos! Fantastic...

    Thanks again for sharing this with us!

    xoxo Gert

  11. The leopard was gorgeous for sure! Breakfast out in the bush was delightful. Love that it was served with china and it looked so good too. Your pictures and stories bring me great joy to follow along.

  12. I have just been catching up with your posts. Ken's laptop doesn't have my blog adresses. I am supposed to be sitting with my foot up but I am sneaking a look at a few of my fav blogs for just a few minutes. I promise the foot will go up as soon as I am done! You must have so many wonderful memories and stories to tell. Your pictures are breath taking!

  13. How I do love the leopards! The photo of the leopard showing all of her, with her tail sweeping off to the left is simply stunning. I looked at it for a long time. She is so gorgeous...I love those spots.

  14. Oh that was too bad that Babs got sick. I'm hoping that she got better quickly, and enjoyed what days you had left. A picnic in the bush, but of course it was taste even more wonderful on real plates along with a good cup of tea! I guess going to the loo (that's so cute!)out there you really don't think about what's around you. Same as when I was a kid, and we used to roam around the countryside in N.C. by my grandparents.
    The baboons look very interesting, but I do so love the leopard. What a beauty!
    Now I'm all caught up again! Been busy here with canning and moving my garden house. You can see it on my blog (the move that is). Thanks too for your last lovely comment. We are going to try and head your way within a month or so, but I will definitely let you know!
    Till then,
    Take Care,

  15. Your stories and photos are amazing and I feel like I am right along with you on safari. Mr. C would take me in a heart beat however I am NOT adventuresome at all. Thank you so very much for sharing.

  16. What fabulous photographs! My colour at the moment is bright green - I would give a great deal to see a leopard at all and you got as close up as that.Lucky,lucky lady!

  17. I am crazy about Leopards, that is such an
    elegant animal. It must have been breathtaking the first sight of him. What an experince you had.. Yvonne


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