Friday, June 11, 2010

Leaving Vumbura behind............

Zebra - Equus Burchelli
Named after the well-known traveller and naturalist, W.J. Burchell.  Partial to open areas of woodland, scrub and grassland, Burchell's zebra live in small family groups of a stallion, his mares and their foals.  These groups move freely over large areas as a herd, grazing on grasses and occasionally herbs.  When attacked by lion or hyaena, the stallion vigorously defends his family by biting or kicking, the rest of the group barking excitedly.  Each zebra's distinctive striped coat is totally unique, a feature widely used in field recognition.

(Zebras especially for my young friend Kyle!)

The 'clean-up' guy - Spotted Hyaena

Grey Heron - blue sky.

Again - my favorite young guy hanging out at Vumbura

Simple, fresh, good!

That beautiful Okavango Delta view from the tent.

Before moving on to our next camp, I have to share a few more photos taken at Vumbura Plains.  It will always remain a special place in my memory.  This first stop on the safari showed me what a beautiful country Botswana is.  Also memorable was the kindness of the smiling people who shared the delights of nature, be it a lioness sleeping at the side of the trail, a colorful bird calling raucously overhead, or a trumpeting elephant protecting its youngster.

The Family

....just because he's a handsome Impala, and he knows it!

Yes, Vumbura was fabulous and this is far from 'the end'.  Much more to come as I co-pilot (kind of) the plane to our next camp, Duma Tau, also in Botswana.


  1. I don't want this adventure to end.....keep those pictures coming Mary!

  2. Kyle was so excited to see his name and the Zebra!! He has been scrolling up and down and examining (sp) each picture!

  3. Just lovely. I will catch up with you in a few days. I am away on a little excursion. No, nothing as wonderful as your trip. Just to Las Vegas and S. Calif. Be back soon.

  4. Mary I wanted to ring you to congratulate you on the photos - better than most professionals.
    However, I have not got the right number - email it please.

  5. I hope the next camp is a great as this one was. I don't think I would want to leave it yet. Can't wait to see more!! Carla

  6. Second try...poof! My first comment disappeared!

    What is the fruit (?) on the cheese plate?

    The heron looks like part of the tree!

    That lovely leopard looks like velvet...and look at those eyes!!

    Love the profile of the Impala.

    Have you thought about making a coffee table book from your photos? Would love to see that.


  7. Is that an Impala? The idea of a book of your trip is fabulous. Yvonne

  8. Glorious. I will never get enough of your gorgeous photos of these animals, Mary.


  9. I cannot imagine the glory of being so close to those amazing animals in the flesh.
    What an experience, you will never forget this trip.

  10. I didn't know you were a butt girl! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the photos!

  11. Oh Mary, these photo's are amazing!! I just love them!! Just like being there!! Thanks for the info on your cameras, I have a Cannon with 12x and carry it in my pocket always!! My other one is also a Cannon, but it's a Rebel XTi..

    xoxo Gert

  12. Mary, I continue to be in awe of your trip and your amazing photos. You could publish a book. We are so lucky that to get to enjoy these sights from your trip. Please keep them coming. ~ Sarah

  13. Hi Mary I have been gone all day and look what I came home to...Awesome photos. It is all amazing. I never thought I would like to go to Africa but I am re-thinking it for sure. I can feel your vacation love. The animals are wonderful. No wonder my aunt and uncle loved Africa. Smile.

    Now I am going back to see what I missed.
    Love, Jeanne

  14. Oh Mary! These photos are just awesome.... Thanks so very much for sharing them with us. How fabulous!
    Blessings ~mary~

  15. HI Mary
    Thanks for visiting me in the the midst of your travels and stories you are sharing with us.
    I have been reading your posts on the trip of a lifetime you took and am already taking notes and googling info so we can go on one too!!! When we were in Singapore (2002-2005) I so wanted to go on to a safari but the business of the work life there prevented that.
    Did I see a note somewhere that you are planning to go back? I think the sights and sounds of your trip are amazing. And the pool to take a dip in, plus business class flights! Now this IS a trip of a lifetime. I am so green with envy! Can't wait to read more.

  16. Your photography is wonderful. Looks like a real travelogue. I am really enjoying something I will never get to see otherwise.

    Thank you


  17. The food looks wonderful! I think I need to take some lessons there as I'm always wondering what to cook!! I, too, am curious about the fruit, and the name of it. Was there any type of food that you did not care for?
    Take Care!


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