Tuesday, June 8, 2010

The 'loo' and the lions...........

The guest powder room - known as 'the loo with a view'!

The three days at Vumbura Plains were my initiation into bush life in Botswana and all I can say is every moment was fantastic!

A blogger - sorry, don't remember who - requested I show photos of African bathrooms as she has a 'thing' for bathroom design.  This one, looking out on to the Okavango Delta, came in handy when that long walk to the tent was out of the question.  There's a chunky rope at the entrance, you just close off the walkway with it to show the loo is 'engaged'.

....and now, my version of BIG CAT DIARIES

Lion - Panthera leo
The largest of the African carnivores, lion are distinctly social animals, living and hunting in prides.  Each pride occupies a home range marked by scent, patrolled and ruthlessly defended against intrusion.  Males attempting to take over a pride may fight to the death and the outcome will affect crucial issues such as the survival of the cubs.  Predominantly nocturnal, lion are deceptively lazy, resting in the shade during the heat of the day but quickly becoming aggressive if unduly disturbed.

Some visitors have to wait several days before spotting big cats..........we were exceptionally lucky.  We almost bumped into two adult lionesses snoozing at the side of the trail within a few feet of our vehicle on our very first game drive, prior to getting stuck in the water!  When they decided to move on we followed them through the bush to where they met up with their family including two 6 month and two 6 week old cubs. A lot of pics here, I took so many because these magnificent animals are not shy or retiring.  They walked right beside the Land Rover seemingly oblivious to the people sitting quietly inside snapping away with cameras.  If you tried to leave the vehicle it would be a much different story!  These are some of my favorite lion shots. 

Unusual to see a lion on a tree

I've added this shot to show you how close the lions came to our vehicle!

Proud, beautiful, family-loving, and they do purr just like domestic cats, I heard them!

Coming soon, handsome cats….......with spots.


  1. I finally had the time to catch up with all your posts about your AMAZING trip!! Thanks for sharing that much!

  2. OH Mary! What amazing shots of the lions! They are beautiful creatures aren't they?

    Loved the loo - with that great view.
    p.s. we are hoping you guys are coming back to Asheville. It would be so great to see you both again!

  3. Gorgeous lions~great photos! I am having so much fun reading about your trip, thanks for posting. :)

  4. Gorgeous pictures of the lions. I also loved the loo. I have a friend that travels a lot. He always takes pictures of restrooms. I'll have to show him this one! Carla

  5. Great Photos
    Thank you for sharing :)

  6. Amazing you were close enough to hear them purr...and they walked right past the vehicle. I see lion ears are rounded whereas kitty cat ears are pointed...most of them, anyway. Beautiful, beautiful shots.

  7. Amazing photos, Mary! What camera did you take with you?

    I'm glad you are doing a post each day...don't think I could wait more than a day for more of your adventure.

  8. What fabupous photographs, at least you had a 'room with a view' and not a hole in the ground!!

    looking forward to the rest of your trip.

  9. Mary, every photo takes my breath away. Absolutely amazing and beautiful. They are majestic.

  10. oh! What a delightful surprise to visit you here. I have so enjoyed your many beautiful photographs you took while away on your safari. Thanks so very much!! xoxo Lidy

  11. Breathtaking! Oh to hear a lion purr. I loved seeing them bathe each other. Loved seeing the loo too. Love seeing all your pictures!

  12. Your photos are AMAZING! I LOVE photography and you did a great job taking photos! What great memories.

  13. Love these. The shots of the girls grooming are my favorites. Makes me proud to be a Leo!

  14. Simply beautiful, amazing creatures, and to be able to see them that close...what an experience!
    Take Care!


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