Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Company at lunchtime.......

Dinners were awesome at the closing of each day after the colors of sunset turned to star-filled velvet skies.....

.........but, after riding the morning bush trails, constantly spotting beautiful animals and birds, lunches were sometimes even better! Perhaps because we were still feeling energized and very hungry, returning to the waiting feast beautifully set out on the sunny waterside dining deck, appetites increased, and we were entertained by brilliantly colored birds.............

Cape Glossy Starling

  ...........and cute golden brown squirrels cuddling and playing in the bright noon sunshine.

Welcomed by smiling ladies serving delicious hot foods.......

............meats and vegetable dishes...........

........great healthy salads........

.......always bountiful cheese boards and freshly baked breads......

....and the chef made omelets and egg dishes to order.

Crested Barbet

These colorful little birds loved hanging out with us at lunch on the dining deck.

Bon Appetit!

Coming up, another great game drive with a dancing baby and more beautiful animals.


  1. Just wanted you to know how much I am LOVING this trip you've once again taken us all on! I read your blog at work and "ohh" and "Ahh" over the photos (which, my Dear, are aMAzIng!) but because of some IT/computer issue I cannot comment from my work computer - but please knw how much I am soooo totally enjoying being in your pocket and seeing what you saw..now if we could just taste what you tasted and smell what you smelled..thank you thank you thank you!

  2. Every post is sheer delight! You certainly did a wonderful job of capturing the pleasures of your safari adventure, and your writing about it is perfect. I'm constantly amazed at the animals though...so much beauty.

    I do envy you those starry night skies most of all!

  3. Ah, it looks like you dined very well indeed. I just love the amazing variety of birds you are featuring.


  4. The food looks wonderful ... I would have gained weight for sure! We there any runners in your group or was there any other way to work off the yummy looking food? I can't imagine where you'd run ... well, not unless something was chasing you.

  5. That food really looks good--and your photos are just incredible.

  6. Mary,
    I have just spent a half an hour going back and catching all your beautiful pictures. What an amazing adventure you had. Your photos are breath-taking! Hope we can meet up before too long and you can tell me all about it!

  7. I am playing catch up with all of your beautiful posts. You have such an eloquent way of writing, you are making the reading as enjoyable as the breathtaking photos!!

    The food in this post looks delicious. I so enjoy trying new things. And to share your meals with these beautiful birds...I'm glad you knew their names, I sure didn't!!

    Looking forward to your next post. I am glad you like the shadowbox! :-)


  8. Hey Mary! You are gonna gain some weight! That food looks kind of musty..... musty have some more! ;-)

    That Crested Barbet is a hoot!


  9. Elizabeth & Sharon..........No weight gain, actually lost 5 lbs. while there! Food preparation seemed very healthy, little fat or sugar. Exercise, although mostly only climbing in and out of Land Rovers, boats, planes and helicopters, seemed adequate.....and perhaps all that bouncing along over rough terrain actually used up calories, ha! ha!

    After returning I did discover that my swollen throat problem may not have been the only side effect of Malarone - the anti-malarial drug we we were taking - weight loss is another so perhaps that was the cause.

    The food was excellent though, as were the South African wines.

  10. Mary I skipped this post and commented on the next post including this one. Silly me. Love, love, love, every photo you have shared.
    Love you too, Jeanne

  11. Mary I was going to say all that moving about, getting up early, on the go, no wonder you lost a few pounds! What a way to do it!! Just looking at the food makes you realize how healthy it is, and I'm sure very filling. Would have loved to tried the S. African wine!
    Take Care!


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