Wednesday, June 6, 2012

...almost time to say goodbye

It's almost enough to make one want to stay home!  
Just kidding - who in their right mind would pass 
up the fabulous opportunity to 
go on an African safari.
The old World War I marching song comes to mind ~
"Pack up your troubles in your old kit-bag and smile, smile, smile".......
So smiling I am as I continue to stuff every corner of my kit-bag backpack 
and hope that it gets to its destination safely. 
We'll arrive in Johannesburg Saturday and fly out on Sunday to Botswana's awesome 
Abu Elephant Camp - click to see.
Gotta run, my old clocks are ticking away, lots still to do!
Not sure I'll be able to post or comment while gone.........just know I'll miss keeping up and
will be thinking of you.


  1. Hi Mary, have a great time, keep safe and I look forward to your photographs on the blog on your return!!!
    Love Jackie from a cold damp Surrey, UK.xx

  2. Good morning dear Mary. I wish you both a wonderful and safe trip on your African Safari. You will be missed here but we'll be waiting to hear all about your fabulous trip on your return. Many blessings for safe travels and good health! Hugs, Pamela

  3. Mary, my friend have an awesome time in Africa!! Enjoy yourself!!!

  4. That sounds like a most exciting adventure. Have a safe and wonderful trip.

  5. Mary, have a wonderful time! My love to the continent which holds my heart!!

  6. I always totally unplug when we travel. Best wishes as you continue to prepare for a wonderful adventure. Best wishes, Tammy

  7. Dear Bob & Mary,
    Hoping you both have the best holiday ever and that Bob enjoys his close encounters with proper wild life!
    Make sure you take your meds and come home safe and well so that we can meet up at Christmas.
    Love You

  8. Bon Voyage, Mary and Bob! Have a wonderful time and leave your cares behind. I am SO looking forward to hearing about your trip and seeing pictures! Be safe.


  9. I'm glad you and Bob will be able to enjoy the Safari together this time, as last time you went with the ladies only. Have a great adventure...I know you'll be back with wonderful photos.

  10. Happy travels, Mary!
    I will sit here by my computer just waiting for your return and your amazing stories and pictures.

  11. Enjoy every minute of it Mary and Bob. Our bags are packed and ready to go too. Got up early this morning with mental lists that had to be commented to paper. Can hardly wait to board the plane so I don't have to think about one more detail. Be safe.

  12. OH!! Lucky you another safari! I am NOT an outdoors girl but you really make me want to go on safari!! Enjoy!!
    Hugs, Lisa


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