Thursday, June 7, 2012

Last garden post....for a while

 As I did a quick flit about the garden today, 
deadheading here and there, pulling 
a few errant weeds hiding under shrubs, giving 
life-saving drinks to pots 
with pretty blooms..........I was a wee bit 
sad to think of all the growing beauty 
I'll miss while riding elephants in the bush etc. LOL!

 No delicate Peace roses and blue hydrangeas there!

The beautiful and fragrant magnolia has lost 
the petals, however I can't toss it out yet 
as it's still so lovely to look at.

 Who did I find in the middle of a large 
loose privet next to the gazebo? 
A Brown Thrasher sitting calmly on a nest 
with two pretty eggs. We've always had Thrashers 
in the garden but this is the first time 
I've found a nest.  Welcome to a new family, 
however I don't think I'll be back in time to 
see the babies before they fledge.

Lastly, the moonflowers are climbing rapidly, 
perhaps they'll be up to the top of the porch 
by the time we return!
Yes, will miss the garden....just hope Nature 
is kind with gentle rain, warm sunshine, 
and we do have kind neighbors thankfully.


  1. Looks beautiful, Mary. Now go enjoy your next adventure. Gardening is a lot like baseball - there's always next year...

  2. Your beautiful garden will be waiting for you on your return - now off you go for an amazing adventure!

  3. What a wonderful surprise to see a nest! Have a wonderful time on your trip, Mary! Safe travels.


  4. Beautiful pictures, Mary, especially of the thrasher! I do feel bad that you won't be there to see your gorgeous blooms, but adventure awaits. And I am glad you have such giving neighbors to help you's far too soon for me to travel back to N.C., even to help a dear friend!! ;-D

    Have a great trip!


  5. Lovely photos, Mary especially of the little bird in the bush, however did you manage to get so close?
    Hope the cab has arrived on time to get you to the airport, have a wonderful time and send back reports from the bush whenever you can!

  6. Mary, have AN AMAZING TIME in Botswana and Southern Africa! Looks like you are doing it in style...just wait till you see the photos of our budget trip! LOL!

    My heart goes with you...Africa has a special place in it.

    Sft x

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  8. Your garden looks beautiful! Too bad we had such hot weather.


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