Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Berry sweet!

Local strawberries are coming in and they are the sweetest by far.
Berries seem to be available just about any time of year now. Arriving from points far off, surviving cold storage and quick transportation across thousands of miles, you can have your morning bowl of berries fifty two weeks a year. Often they are just not that great - aging and too soft, or hard and tasteless. 

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I bought this basket of strawberries last week - they were alongside the local blueberries at the grocery store, both from the same farm just a few miles outside the city. They had been picked that morning, probably stacked carefully in a little pickup truck with scraped paint and muddy tires, an old hound dog in the passenger seat catching the breeze through the open window, and driven up the highway, no further than 15 miles or so. They are double delicious, we've thoroughly enjoyed them...........and there are enough left for one more 'bowl of berries' or a strawberry shortcake for dessert.

Would you like to live on a berry farm?
Do you ever go to a farm to 'pick your own' fruits or veggies?


  1. My mouth is watering just looking at your berries. The first picking of local strawberries are starting to show up in a fruit and veg market near me. Haven't purchased any yet as they looked quite small. Looking forward to having some next weekend when they should be looking larger. I don't understand the prices however. All year we can purchase, quite reasonable I might add, berries from all over the globe,grant you they taste like cardboard and are hard as nails and when local berries are in season they priced through the roof. I am sure it has something to do with supply and demand.
    I do go to a pick your own farm, I can choose the best berries on the plant, sample a few, and know they are as fresh as can be. The exercise does me good, can't convience my muscles that though, plus they are a bit cheaper.
    I can see stawberry shortcake on my menu soon.

  2. If it doesn't soon warm up the strawberry season will be well into July here. I love fresh berries compared to the tastless hard ones shipped here from 'somewhere' the rest of the year. I can pick strawberries just down and across the road from me. Can't wait for that sweet juicy treat. Hugs, Pamela

  3. They look yummy! Yes, years ago when the boys were little we went berry picking every spring. It was fun.

  4. when I was younger, my sisters, mother and i would go strawberry picking in the local fields for a bit of loose change cash. Lovely memories and good food.

    Lovely photos here and may I say, I LOVE your new FRESH layout. Very inviting, Mary. :)

  5. Our friends started a berry farm when their oldest graduated from high school. Those berries put two kids through college, and it was a TON of work. The minute the youngest graduated, the berries were tilled! My mom spends hours working in her berry patch, and we are thrilled she has it!

  6. They look so delicious. Fresh, ripe berries are one of the great pleasures of life! Now, all I need is some whipped cream....

  7. I picked three outside this evening and popped them in my mouth! Mmm, Mmm, Good!

  8. We do go to the peach orchard, but we don't pick our own. One day I'm going to go over to pick berries. That sounds fun!
    These look delicious. Stop by if you can, I'm serving tea for the Queen. ;-)

  9. We still pick blueberries at a farm, but strawberries are too difficult. I watch for local ones at farms stands and the market. My goodness, but they are so much more wonderful than the ones in the market throughout the year. I refuse to buy them until March when California berries start showing up. Oregon strawberries are just beginning to appear at the farmer's market. I must get some soon.


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