Sunday, June 3, 2012

Why I can't resist going West.....................

I know in my heart that every time I head West toward the North Carolina mountains the spectacular scenery is waiting to blow me over. No matter the weather I love each moment spent there. Although I grew up by the sea in England, and still crave ocean views and salty air, I have to admit the mountains call to me often. These days when I am here at home, slap dab in the middle of North Carolina, I'm torn as to whether I should go East or West.

When in Asheville, small mountain city known mainly for the amazing Biltmore Estate - it's a fabulous place to visit - but not every time I'm in town. After mountain gazing I want to spend time with my Asheville area friends antiquing and thrifting at great treasure all time favorite being ScreenDoor.

 So here's a quick visit to the shop to share the *quirky treasures that caught my eye a week or so ago........and, for a change, I thought I'd point out things I didn't bring home. Of course I'm kicking myself over several I passed up, but moreso over neat things I really didn't see until I looked at my photos here on the laptop! 
Such as, above, the unusual urn, the huge corbel, and that fabulous mirror on the left.

The rusty iron cross is beautiful, and those metal discs could be an interesting conversation piece.

The iron gates with fleur-de-lis tops - gorgeous patina.

Unusual charts - love the toadstools for a kitchen wall.

 The charming 'lodge style' canoe, the table/island with the bottom pot board and great paint finish.

 Yes, I have a lovely santo already, but more would make a great collection!

 I spy more beautiful iron crosses here - locally crafted which makes them special.

 Interesting 'Revolution' sign from Prague - love the wooden spools.

Great iron gate, old photos - love everything in this display.

Vintage chalkware Madonna in lovely muted colors - nice wooden display box.

Exquisite piece, not certain whether really old or a repro - but the colors and facial expressions are lovely.

So, if you have a moment, scroll back to the top of this post to see what I did bring home. As I love old paper and writing, couldn't resist a bouquet of handmade paper roses!

*quirky  /'kwerké/
adjective:  characterized by peculiar or unexpected traits:     
"quirky charm" or 
"unusual in an attractive and interesting way"
That just about says it all!


  1. This shop looks like a place I would love! Thanks for the lovely photos, Mary.


  2. Such a beautiful store, and just your style!

  3. Always fun to tag along with you, Mary, dear. I recently passed up a bouquet of letter print paper flowers. Thought about them frequently since, but for the life of me can't remember where I saw them. LOL
    Enjoy your day.....Sarah

  4. Love that place! I liked the toadstool chart too, and it looked like the other one had German writing. I'd like to get back up to Asheville to look around some more as back in April we just went to the Biltmore. Hope you are having a beautiful Sunday!
    Take Care,

  5. The old mirror and the iron fencing sure caught my eye Mary. What a beautiful shop! I wanted to let you know that our CBC TV is showing some of the Jubilee highlights including the big concert on Tuesday. I'm excited to see that event. I thought I'd miss out on everything without a satelite dish! lol Blessings, Pamela

  6. I learn a lot from your antiquing posts, as I'm not an antiquer myself...I love your eye and enjoy your love of what you find!

  7. I love the Screen Door too and it was so much fun to go with you there this last time. I see it through your eyes!

  8. I use to have that first Santos doll. Sold it before I moved here. Kind of miss it, but needed the money at the time.

  9. This is such a great shop! Isn't it interesting how we often don't notice so many things. I like to walk through at least twice, and of course take my time! It's so much fun finding treasures!

  10. And Mar i was so thinking you were referring to me when you said you can't resist going west. And it was only to the N.C. mountains - much disappointment!!! Your western friend, to my eastern friend -P


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