Monday, June 4, 2012

The white garden.................

Leaving the garden at this time of year is really difficult.  
Beauty is everywhere..........but weeds still 
grow and flowers require daily attention. 
The grass needs only a shower, followed by 
warm sunshine, to push skyward, begging 
for a weekly haircut.

This week, prior to leaving we're mowing, 
trimming and deadheading. 
While outside I'm noticing the 
stunning white flowers now blooming. The perfume 
from this Madonna lily (Lilium candidum), an 
Easter pot plant from several years ago 
transplanted to the garden, permeates the
air as I climb the front steps.

In the back garden where there is plenty of shade, 
the white-flowered hosta is in bloom.

Pretty petunias............white with 
yellow centers are my favorite tucked into pot.

 The Southern Magnolia (Magnolia grandiflora) 
doesn't bloom in my garden. Although I love 
these native flowering trees, prevalent in 
my neighborhood and all over town, they are 
difficult to manage in a small garden, growing 
tall and full and, although evergreen, drop 
messy leaf litter year round.

The blooms are magnificent and the perfume heavy 
and heady. On Friday, my sweet friend Maryann, brought 
me this exquisite bloom from her tree...........
what a lovely gift. Just one of these pure
white flowers perfumed the downstairs 
of the cottage the entire weekend.


  1. I have been cutting magnolias for weeks now. I adore that lemony scent. Now I'm on to gardenias. Every room filled. It's almost intoxicating. But in a good way, not like at the dentist!

    Can't wait to follow you along another adventure next week!!
    Safe travels.

  2. White flowers with heady scents. It doesn't get more luxurious than that!

  3. Your white flowers are beautiful Mary. I love gardenias....

  4. Your garden, front welcoming and lovely! It must be hard to leave sometimes...and makes a heartwarming welcome home too I imagine. The magnolia blossom is magnificent. I know that wonderful perfume!

  5. Mary, oh how I love your front porch. Looks like the perfect spot to sit and enjoy a cup of tea or a glass of wine. Those hydrangeas are glorious. They are huge and full of blooms. Love it! ~ Sarah

  6. All your flowers are glorious Mary!! I always love when you show us your gardens! I don't blame you for feeling a little bad about leaving all those lovelies!! Have a grand trip!!

  7. We have two magnolia trees, and one of them is so huge I can't even get the blossoms from the top! Your front area is absolutely gorgeous! I love petunias too, and for the past few years I have not seen them as in the past. The week will pass fast, and then off you go again!
    Take Care,

  8. Lovely white flowers. Now I must find some yellow centered petunias, very pretty. After our road trip we said never travel in the Spring. Our yard still hasn't recuperated, what a mess! Good luck when you return. It is beautiful right now there in your yard.

  9. How can you leave when it is so beautiful? I on another grand adventure! I too think I may go in search of some of those yellow centered white petunias. They are gorgeous!

  10. Your home is so inviting and colorful with all the pretty flowers. You definitely have a green thumb!


  11. Wow, your place is just beautiful! I can see how you find it hard to leave your garden.

  12. Such a welcoming and pretty porch!

  13. There's something special about white flowers, I think. They come in so many shades, from bright white to creamy, and always stand out so beautifully against green foliage. I love colour in my garden, but I'm partial to white, too.

    Your garden is looking lovely. I hope you've enjoyed prettifying your yard before departing once again.

  14. I don't have any white flowers in my flower beds but I did have an annual moonflower vine once. I like your pale yellow petunias too. Your home in the last shot, looks so pretty! Look at those blue hydrangeas!! Gorgeous!

  15. I always love photos of your incredibly inviting adn beautiful porch, dear Mary! Wonderful!

  16. Your porch looks so inviting. The flowers are all beautiful.
    I have two dwarf magnolias which are still pretty good sized. The blooms are stunning. They are messy, but so worth it in my opinion.
    I just planted my moonflowers and have them growing up fishing line per your suggestion. I can't wait to see how they do.


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