Wednesday, July 25, 2018

A splash of magic from a secret palette. . . . . . . .

Fig Tree and Birds feeding 

I did it!  I purchased the Waterlogue app for my iPhone.
For the past 24 hours, I've been 'painting' - and having so much fun!

I'm not sure if it's cheating a bit, after all I only took the photos.
Someone/thing techie out there in space is responsible for the paints
 and brushes, the canvas etc.

But, I have to admit, I now have several of my photos
changed into watercolor paintings. . . . . and they are fabulous.

I may make a set of cards, a calendar, or get some large prints for the wall.
I'm posting these in smaller format - the can be much larger - but this size 

makes them more like little jewels.
This one above I took I about an hour ago following a good rain shower,
much needed as it's so dry, then a watery sun popped out from
 the clouds for a few minutes.

 I noticed that most of the birds now feeding are very young, and very

 hungry and thirsty.
They appear to be the Springtime offspring of our adult birds,
especially, cardinals, finches, doves, towhees etc.
Now and then a male parent cardinal does come to the feeder
and feeds a juvenile male - mom sits in the fig tree and watches - I 

took this one yesterday.

Male cardinal feeding male juvenile.


  1. I am not a very good painter, Mary, but I use Waterlogue to help me with the values of a watercolor painting.

  2. Oh this app looks like fun, and thank you for sharing it. Your photos look so pretty as watercolours, and of course I think the cardinals are simply gorgeous.

  3. I thought about purchasing that app. The pictures turn out so nice as watercolors.

  4. It sounds like an interesting app. I really don't use that many apps but find all the photo apps practically irresistible.


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