Wednesday, July 1, 2020

Canada Day greetings -

To all my wonderful, much-loved Canadian friends, (and perhaps distant family
whom I've never had the luck to meet - my maternal grandfather was Canadian
 by birth), greetings on this special day.
Enjoy the holiday - stay safe - and I hope to be back in your beautiful country
 some day soon. 


  1. Oh goodness! I nearly forgot and I have lots of Canadian relatives, including my sister who is a dual citizen. So, yes, I join you in good wishes to our Canadian friends and family. 🇨🇦 (Thank you for remembering!)

  2. I can almost smell your basil, it's so green and looks so fresh.

  3. A sweet tribute to dear old Canada, Mary. I love your little flag - I really should have one too, shouldn't I, having two Canadian grandchildren. Your Basil looks so good, and the hydrangea is the perfect blue. xx

  4. Thank you, Mary! We traveled via the ferry to my parents' house on this Canada Day - in pouring rain and unseasonable cold. No big celebrations or parties, but when I went to bed I heard fireworks in the distance, so someone was celebrating. I'll wish you a Happy Fourth of July a few days early. Your celebrations will likely be of the quieter sort, too.


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